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It's the Relationship, Stupid!

03/06/06 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: WiFi

Social network expert, Valdis Krebs, likes to say things like this. Dutch techie consultant and social software advocate, Ton Zylstra, does a nice job of explaining that value in our post-industrial age is no longer in the information itself, but in the relational context it is exchanged.

When you tell me something it is therefore different to me than when I read the same information in the newspaper. You are that difference. The fact that you care enough about something to tell it to me, gives a different perspective on that information, adds context to it and thus increases the relevance of that information to me.

My response to John Ettorre's comment in my post about gas supply and demand inferred this and my preference to those sources of information.

Jack and I talked about how volunteer projects depend on relationships a few days ago. He ran into someone who didn't have time to develop trust among colleagues, but felt that everyone should just collaborate and get the job done. This, when Jack asked even if trust was a requirement for the collaboration.

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