Spring Poetry Reading Schedule

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April is designated as National Poetry Month, but March is loaded with events, many in that I am participating. Here is my reading schedule for the next month or so.

Yeah, slipped an April reading in there.&#59;)

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Dan Provost's Latest Chap Released

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WhatsInTheBag Press is excited to announce the much awaited release of Dan Provost's latest chapbook, "On The Wagon... On A Binge". The hauntingly, dark work has an honesty rarely seen in the small press lexicon. What others have said...

“In his latest book On The Wagon, not only does Provost use Hemingway's ‘Bullshit Detector’ with his own brand of gorgeous agony, but Provost has also updated the model, completely taken it over and renamed it.”
---Frank Reardon, author of Blood Music

“On the Wagon...On A Binge by Dan Provost deals with the loneliness and desperation of a writer trapped at the bottom of a Jack Daniel's bottle. These are the stifled, drunken words of a man searching for meaning and humanity in a world full of people hiding behind superficial masks from themselves and their own pain. Mixed in amidst the brief moments of sobriety and insanity here, there is always a sense of personal truth, or at least an honest search for it. Provost dissects his emotions and displays them on the page, not for the sake of an “audience” or even “literature”, but for the sake of trying to make it through another day. Always quite aware that death is following close behind, waiting to catch him should he fall off the wagon a few too many more times. Above all else, there is true and honest poetry here.”
--RC Edrington author of Use Once & Destroy

This release is doubly exciting as it heralds the return of Dan Provost's work to the world and finally the graduation of WhatsInTheBag Press from a vanity press to a legitimate member of the small press family.

You can buy copies of "On The Wagon...On A Binge" from the author, Dan Provost, via the below PayPal button for domestic shipment, and soon at many of Cleveland's Independent Bookstores.

(International Customers please email me.)

Broken Pulpit Poetry Weekend

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WhatsInTheBag Press is pleased to present The Broken Pulpit Poetry Extravaganza. The Broken Pulpit is a one-off, unique 2 day poetry extravaganza in Cleveland over the weekend of April 20 – 21. It will consist of a stage show Saturday night in Midtown Cleveland and then a poetry crawl on Sunday afternoon in the Tremont neighborhood.

A fabulous music and poetry stage show will start at 7:00pm Saturday April 20 at the renown, but underground hideaway, The Center for Rock Research. If you are already part of the in-crowd, you know where that is. But The Broken Pulpit is an opportunity to join the in-crowd and find out that the Center for Rock Research is at 1761 East 39th Street in Cleveland. New initiates will not have to perform the secret handshake to enter, nor pay any cover. IT IS A FREE EVENT! BYOB, but drinks and munchies will be sold to benefit the Cleveland Food Bank.

The show features poets from across the country and local to northeast Ohio and music from the robust percussion band Primal Rhythms and local rock favorite Morticia’s Chair. Readers include:

Lynn Alexander (Pittsburgh, PA)
Eric Alleman (Youngstown, OH)
Jeff Bowen (Cleveland, OH)
Miles Budimir (Cleveland, OH)
John Burroughs (Cleveland, OH)
Paul Corman Roberts (Oakland, CA)
Katie Daley (Cleveland, OH)
Bill Gainer (Sacramento, CA)
TM Gottl (Cleveland, OH)
Bill Howe (Cincinnati, OH)
Ray McNeice (Cleveland, OH)
Frank Prpic (Cleveland, OH)
Jason Ryberg (Kansas City, MO)
John Swain (Louisville, KY)
William Taylor Jr (San Francisco, CA)
Zarina Zabrisky (San Francisco, CA)
Eris Zion Venia (Cleveland, OH)

Day 2 of The Broken Pulpit is a never before seen in Cleveland event in its own right. 55 poets will read at 11 venues in the historical neighborhood of Tremont, arguably the poetic center of northeast Ohio. In restaurants, bars, and shops sprinkled across the neighborhood, poets will bring their art to one of the hottest and trendiest neighborhood in the city.

The readings are three sessions, 1:00pm around the Professor Ave/Jefferson Ave area, 2:30pm in the W. 11th St/Kenilworth Ave area, and at 4:00pm at the W. 14th St/Auburn Ave area. Three to Four venues will simultaneously have readings. Each venue in each session is strategically located so listeners can pop in and out of each one to hear their favorites or to experience new voices. At 5:00pm, there will be an afterparty at Prosperity Social Club,

The Crawl Schedule is as follows:

Session 1 (1:00pm-2:00pm) Professor Ave/Jefferson Ave
Edison’s Pub- 2373 Professor Ave.
Paul Duda Gallery- 2342 Professor Ave.
Doubting Thomas Gallery- 856 Jefferson Ave.
Flying Monkey Pub- 819 Jefferson Ave.

Session 2 (2:30pm-3:30pm) W. 11th St/Kenilworth Ave
Studio Le Beau Salon- 2360 W. 11th St.
Studio 11 Yoga- 2337 W. 11th St.
Visible Voice Books- 1023 Kenilworth Ave.

Session 3 (4:00pm-5:00pm) W. 14th St/Auburn Ave
Lava Lounge- 1307 Auburn Ave.
Grumpy’s Café- 2621 W. 14th St.
Lincoln Park Pub- 2609 W. 14th St.
Jewel Heart Buddhist Center- 2670 W. 14th St.

Afterparty (5:00pm – close)
Prosperity Social Club- 1109 Starkweather Ave.

Come to all, come to some, but come to this history making Cleveland event. Clevelanders rock the poetry during April, National Poetry Month, and we invited the nation to rock with us and they accepted. Don’t miss it.


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After a heinous year or so of personal events, loves, losses, and down right mechanical gremlin mischief, I finally got all the printers of WhatsInTheBag Press up and running!

(This is where you jump up and down, throw confetti, and cheer for the good guys. If you have a horn, now is good time to blow it.)

To relaunch your favorite vanity ah... small press publisher, I have reprinted the much in demand "Tremont Crawls" chapbook by yours truly. They are available at Visible Voice Books in Tremont and I am taking them out to New York City for my reading at Jujomukti Tea Lounge this weekend with Miles Budimir. This printing (the third already) is made with heavier bond paper, improved graphics quality, and much love. You should get a copy and another for you best friend, or your best enemy if he hates poetry.

"What?" you say. You didn't know about my reading in the East Village in NY? Where have you been? Miles and I are schlepping out to NY to eat, drink, and be obnoxious in the center of the Universe. I am looking forward to seeing many old, old, OLD friends and blow their minds with pithy poesy. We are reading on Sunday December 2 from 4-6:00 pm at the aforementioned Jujomukti Tea Lounge. Jujomukti is located at 211 East 4th Street, New York, NY. There are rumors of an after-party at down the block to Dorian Gray's. I hope to get younger there.

P.S. I also printed up some more Free Hug cards, so Ryan Snellman doesn't have to send that ninja raid party to get his back from http://www.facebook.com/michelle.portnoy.

Metrical Singularity Supernova on 11/11/11 at 7:00pm

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WhatsInTheBag Press presents a night of oneness and poetic outbursts followed by the music of Morticia's Chair. Scattered open mic's will mix in with features for full communion of audience, performers, and appreciators of aural art. Bring your own everything. Big ass frigs will be there. Small snacks and water soda will be for sale to benefit the Cleveland Food Bank, which is the house charity. The house, of course, is The Center for Rock Research.
The Line Up of Greatness:

Shelly Chernin
Blaire Miller Bommer
Steve Goldberg
Frank Prpic & Joker
Alex Nielsen
Nick Traenkner
John Dorsey
Cavana Faithwalker
Carmen Tracey
Latex Menagerie w/ Russ Vidrick, bree, and Adam Brodsky
Jack McGuane
Brian Fugett
Lynn Alexander
Dan Smith and the Deep Cleveland Trio (Morgan Ellington, Miles Budimir,Dan Wenninger)
Marilyn Oliveras de Ortiz

With a couple of open mic sessions for room for another 12 readers.

The evening ending up with a rocking good time from

Morticia's Chair.

Bring merch and books for artistic capitalism during the intermissions.
Click for directions to The center for Rock Research

Silence Broken!!!

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I interrupt this blogging silence for an important poetic announcement!

Arriving into the Cleveland area is a talented writer and reader of poetry from the Upstate New York area. I had the pleasure of hearing and meeting Robert Milby last summer when I went on that adventure in poetics known as the Rusted Trim Poetry Tour with Dorsey and Bunsen. Robert impressed me incredibly and when I heard he wanted to come to Ohio I got right on it.

He will be at Mac's Backs Wednesday, July 20th at 7 P.M. Yes, that's right folks. This isn't the usual poetry reading night for Mac's. He will be joined by novelists, Grant Baillie (Cleveland), Peter Grandbois (Delaware, Ohio), Steve Himmer (Quincy, MA), and Jim Mason (Cleveland). Apparently, my opinion has a little weight for some as you can see from Suzanne's write-up for the event. (Yes, I'm humbled and a bit embarrassed, but I won't let it stop me from boasting).

I found out about Robert Milby when Steve Goldberg called and said he was one of the best poets he'd ever heard. Robert is the author of several poetry chapbooks including Crow Weather and has had his work published in lots of journals. He is an integral part of the Hudson Valley poetry community---he hosts a reading series at the Mudd Puddle Cafe and is the co-editor of the Wawayanda Review.

The short intro doesn't do Robert justice, so just come down to Mac's, catch a hippieburger at Tommy's, bring cash to buy Robert's stuff (cuz you're gonna want to after you...), listen to him versify like the you never heard versification before.

Please note that I was able to stop making this about me and shared the limelight with Robert Milby, even for just another paragraph.:D

Still Reading

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macs backsSo are you all tired of me reading my poems about Tremont? If not, or haven't caught me yet, or are just afraid to cross the river, I will be reading at Mac's Backs on Coventry Road in Cleveland Heights. Mac's is carrying Tremont Crawl, so you can buy a copy and if you wish to lower the value, I'll sign it. Also, it will be my honor to share the stage with Lady Kathy Smith.

The reading will be Wednesday, December 8 at 7 pm. Hope to see you there.

UPDATE Toledo Reading

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Mighty Michael Grover saved the Rebels Without Applause reading in Toledo which Lou Suarez and I were scheduled to perform. With Common Grounds ground up and blowing away in the wind, Mike found us another venue at Brooklyn's Daily Grind in Holland, Ohio. It looks to be an extra exit on the turnpike, but hey! they got adult beverages! My kind of place.

It starts at 8 PM on Thursday November 18 and the Daily Grind is located at 7723 Airport Highway Holland, OH. Hope to see you there.

Reading Frenzy

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If any of you missed my reading at Visible Voice Books a few weeks ago, well you missed a good one. I really liked the vibe and the audience was cool and I felt like my reading was reflected all that. Too bad you missed it. However, I have a few more readings coming up and my confidence is strong, so they should be just as much fun.

  • This Friday, November 12 at 8:00pm, I will be the feature at the Deep Cleveland reading series at the Borders Bookstore in Strongsville. This will be my first Deep Cleveland reading and I am excited to see my good friends that are part of the DC tribe. Since it is at a Borders, I will be >:XX. Fortunately, my stuff doesn't usually contain much to worry about. I'll have copies of Tremont Crawl and Corner Drugstore Cafe and other poems with me to "not" sell (since Borders doesn't carry them.) See me after the read or wherever we may post read imbibe.
  • A week later, I'll be in Toledo Thursday November 18. Originally scheduled to be at Common Grounds coffeeshop, but they closed down this week. I'm going over to Toledo anyway, cuz I like it there and the peeps are great. I'm supposed to partner with Lou Suarez whom I admire a great deal. I'll read anywhere and Mike Grover is working on an alternate. Hopefully, Lou is in the same headset. Stay tuned for an update.
  • Finally, I will be reading with Kathy Smith at Mac Back's in Cleveland Heights Wednesday December 8 at 7pm. They ARE carrying Tremont Crawl there.

So to hear pieces from the chapbook plus a few new ones, there are a number of chances for you to heckle me. So come out and have a good time. I'd love to see you there.

A Review of Tremont Crawl

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Miles Budimir posted a review of the chapbook on his blog. Found out what he really thought of me....hmmm. But apparently I grew on him and he liked the book.

And it’s a pleasure to read and re-read, seeing in it not only observations from a single Southside neighborhood but truths about our lives here in the post-industrial world of a once thriving Great Lakes city in the 21st century, with its contradictions of comfortable living and hard scrabble barely gettin’ by.

Wow, did I do that?
Thanks, Miles.

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