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Internet Access?---Hah!

12/03/05 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: WiFi

I had the wonderful experience of weird noises coming from the car this week and went to my "favorite" Honda dealer, Rick Case, to get things checked out. Ended up I needed new brakes, so that blew my monthly budget, but I selected RC because they actually do good service and they advertised internet access in their waiting room.

I figure I can do some work to make up for the budget shortfall while they bang and clang on my 1999 baby. Ends up the access is not via Wifi, that's okay. I set up at one of the open computers and figure I'll warm up by blogging.

No go. They have Websense Enterprise security firewall and filtering, which is probably a good idea. However, they blocked WITB because it is a "message board or club." This is Big Brother territory. So I go to my webmail site to start working on coffee inquiries, but NO! "Web-based email is prohibited." Now how is a road warrior/business weinie supposed to make good use of their time without email?

Now I'm stuck in a f-in waiting room set up to sell me more Japanese plastic crap (almost like Walmart), with shit coffee (they were proud that they got it at such a cheap price and my coffee samples are in my trunk up on a lift in the "employees only" section), and all I have is a promise of internet access. The ol' bait and switch, without the switch.

All I could mumble when I paid the bill was that they shouldn't of done something like this to a blogger.

BTW the only website I could get to was BFD, so I signed up as a guest blogger, but the password was emailed and I couldn't get the email! WTF!



Comment from: Jill [Visitor]
JillMotorcars Honda. Cleveland Heights. Free wifi in the waiting room. :)
12/03/05 @ 20:02
Comment from: Daniella [Visitor]

I've had days like this too. It will pass...
12/03/05 @ 23:26