Have No Fear, Poetry is Here

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Many thanks to Dr. Traenkner for doing a banner for our upcoming, incoming, forthcoming poetry nite at the Literary Cafe, THE place to see, hear, and create wild worthy word wanderings. We both have had our heads in the salads of making lettuce to survive our materialistic society, giving the Man his due. Myself shuffling to Buffalo this past week and Nick off to the Northwest rains of Oregon this week.

But we have our priorities right. We have NO FEAR, cuz we have poetry and we work to bring it to you with the Literary Cafe 2nd Thursday Extravaganzas. We do it no matter what the obstacle, for YOU loyal and fairweather patrons of our not quite humble venue.

This month we have the FEARless JE Stanley, who learned to overcome fear as a CPA, CMA and on again/off again guitarist in the grayscale suburban wilderness of Northeastern Ohio. A member of The Deep Cleveland Tribe of Poetry as well as the Cleveland Speculators, he is the author of the book, Dark Intervals (vanZeno Press), the chapbook Dissonance (deep cleveland press) and the short collection, Ink (Gypsy Lips Press). A a frequent contributor to both the deep cleveland junkmail oracle and Sein und Werden, his work has also appeared or is forthcoming in 103: The Journal of the Image Warehouse, Amaze, Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine, ChiZine, The Ghazal Page, MoonLit, Prism Quarterly, Star*Line, Stray Dog, Three-Chord Poems: The Poetry of Rock & Roll and numerous other publications.

Also facing down the spectre of appearing is Anna Marie Jones. I first heard her at a fundraiser for MeetTheBloggers and she made a helluva impression. Anna is a CSU graduate student, a spiritual life coach, and the founder of Up The Steps. A native of Cleveland she has been writing since the age of 10. Social and political issues fuel her poetry as well as concepts of spirituality and philosophy. She describes her poetry as therapeutic, hostile, reverent and real.

The evening has all the makings of a great evening of courage, heroism, and most of all NO FEAR. So don't be afraid to show at 9:30pm. The Literary Cafe is at 1031 Literary Road in the historical Tremont neighborhood of Cleveland. (Anna Marie's picture by Adam Harvey)

Retreat or Running Away

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noisemakersI'm going to Jewel Heart in Ann Arbor for this long weekend. I can say that I will miss the super cool technology that has been misused into flying weapons and making a racket in my little corner of Cleveland. (I'm talking about the Air show folks).

sharp weaponI will be on retreat to take teachings from Gelek Rimpoche on the classic Mahayana text, "Wheel of Sharp Weapons". Berzin's literal translation is "The Throwning Star Weapon." My bare understanding is that it is how to make the lemonade out of life's lemons.

It beats the hell out of killing someone til they comply.....its also much quieter.

(Somebody came to the Salamon poetry reading at the Lit last night and announced the PEACE RALLY at the Free Stamp. Go!)

Dug Up Out of Dusty Archives

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Been a fan of Uncle Albert for quite awhile. Apparently he was of me as well. Great minds....

einstein luv

Special Poetry Nites - Russell Salamon

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salamonOnce again Tremont proves that it IS the center of Cleveland poetry and the proto-renaissance soon to be named the Tremont School of Poetics...

...okay okay it's a bit overstated. There is plenty of poetry venues, poetry workshops, poetry writing all oer the city, county, and countryside, all outstanding in their own way.....wait...that sounds like sucking up.

The point being is this point.

Last Tuesday, Russell Salamon, a founder of the last Cleveland poetry renaissance and close compadre of d.a. levy, read in a special night at Art House in honor of his reprinting the tribute to levy originally published in 1968, ukanhavyrfuckincitibak. A great event with the focus on the mimeograph revolution and levy-philia (meant in positive way).If you missed it, don't despair, you have not only one, but TWO opportunities to hear and meet this extraordinary individual.

vvbsalamonTuesday August 28th at 7:00pm
Visible Voices Books will have Russell Salamon read his poetry. The focus is on Russ's work which has been published in eleven books and has appeared in Passager, Sunstone, Uncommon Ground, Daybreak, The Listening Eye, Saint Petersburg Russian-American Anthology, Peckerwood, Puckerbrush Review, Retooling for the Renaissance in the Third Millenium, Riverside Quarterly, Trace, Dare, among others. An open mic will follow so BYOP(oetry) with your BYOB. Visible Voices Books is located at 1023 Kenilworth Ave. in Tremont.

Thurday August 30th at 9:00pm (SHARP!)
A special Literary Cafe Poetry Nite Extravaganza hosts Russell Salamon for his first videotaped live performance reading. The Lit is famous for its creation and archiving live performances of established and arising poets (thanks Andy). Russell has never been video'd during a reading before, so come be a part of this historic event. To quench Russ' thirst for new poetry by poets that are sharing the modern version of the same Cleveland struggle he had, Open mic with penpad spontaneity will follow. Drinks will be provided, provided you have cash.

So Tremont strikes twice in having a major force in Cleveland's cultural development share his wisdom. In case, you didn't know, Russell Salamon was born on December 6, 1941 in Berkasovo, Yugoslavia, as it was then, about sixty miles west of Belgrade in a hamlet of about 200 people near the Orient Express Line. Huge steam locomotives thundered through without stopping at Sid (pronounced, Sheed), a town of about 2,000. This life up to age twelve is recounted in Breakfast in the Twelfth Century, a book of poems. In October 1953 he came to Kent, Ohio, and soon after to Cleveland. This part is summarized in Descent into Cleveland, a poetic novel about events in the 1960's.

Passion Pushes Place in Publication

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stolen image-continentalYeah, I've been going nuts during travel for indentured servitude. Makes me go into uncontrollable alliteration, but a bright note surprised me when I opened this month's flight magazine on my Continental plane ride to Maryland (got crabs---the good kind.)

My newest pal, Lois Moss, has been cranking on getting MLK Blvd closed on Sundays so folks can enjoy the beautiful Rockefeller Park. It has been a bureaucratic nightmare on elm st for her with the city, museums, and Univ Circle dragging their feet in spite of the success she showed whenshe did it before LAST YEAR.

Dubbed Walk + Roll Cleveland, the gatherings promote community connections, healthy living, and vibrant public places.

At least Continental Airlines recognizes a good thing and shares it with the rest of the nation. Click here for the whole blurb. Nice job, Lois.

I Love My Name in Print

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Check this out! My name was mentioned in this month's Northern Ohio Live, thanks to Patsy Kline and her Gallery U-Haul extravaganza. (That's me down on the bottom....circled in yellow).


The Plain Dealer was also there during my read, snapping pix all over the place. I'm going to be out of town for the rest of the week. So if an article comes out and I'm in it, hold the paper for me and my hyper-inflated ego.

Saw the PD article at Grumpy's during breakfast before running to the airport. I AM in the article.
"Poets would read later"=>THAT WAS ME!

Words from Braving the Heat

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Thanks to all that came out on a VERY HOT early afternoon yesterday to hear me read some poems.

Since the theme of Gallery U Haul's Mix:24 hr of Art was moving/moving-on, and the idea was to explore the creative process together, I had the audience write a line or or two about moving/moving-on and read some nouns and verbs that Dannee of Grumpy's, Pat of Lago, and I came up with at breakfast. Here is the collaberative poem

I move to the song of poetry.
I'm moving Danielle to Dayton next week.
Lots of Chaos thrown into boxes
+ loaded into the car.
Life goes on ---wife goes on.
Tiptoeing through
a maze of corrigated
brown---I wonder if
I will ever get my
life back. Where
are my socks anyway?
Another "*!$&#" flood.
Movin storm sludge
life--moved on,
leaving me ---behind
In those days when all rest & all patience
has been wiped from the slate of your face,
when it seems that just plain conversations
are like prayers in our secular place.
Motion doesn't mean moving on.
It's just something I do everyday.
Shove your way
out of my world.
Closing doors opening windows
He grabs it the umbrella
No looking back one step in
front of the other onward
to a strange new future.
Drive faster so we can see the
Aurora Borealis.


Hear My Poems, Buy a Rug

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rugAlso on Artwalk Nite (tho not part of artwalk), my dear friend Ujjin-la will be at Jewel Heart with his annual Tibetan Rug sale. I have always wanted to get one and now with my ratty hardwood floors in the new flat and my regular paycheck, I'm in the market for a least two of these beauties.



Friday August 10, 5-9 PM (during Tremont Art Walk)

Saturday August 11, 10AM-5PM

Beautiful, affordable 100% wool carpets made by adult Tibetan refugees in Nepal.

Custom orders in all colors and sizes, with numerous traditional and contemporary design choices.

A few antique Tibetan carpets also available.

A portion of the sale proceeds go to support both Tibetan refugees in Nepal and the monks of the Drepung Loseling Monastery in India.

I'm Reading at This Week's ArtWalk

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Actually, it is a 24 hour art mix extravaganza that starts during artwalk. My slot is at 2:00 pm on Saturday. I'll be doing some new pieces and an audience participation bit that is a twist on the Penpad Spontaneous Open. Come see me.

Just noticed Ginley is participating as well, but just like those hot art-chicks that ignored me in high school, she only listed the friday line up and neglected us saturday folk, like we're a bunch of geeks. If only she wasn't so cool, I'd be pissed.

No Broken Promises

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I didn't just create a hoopla about being back to blogging, just to go back to ignoring WITB. I have just been concentrating on the poetry is all. I have a reading this weekend to prepare for. I'll post an announcement soon enough.

Just an aside, I loved the rainy day yesterday. It was beautiful. I sat on my porch, drank fresh roast/fresh brew Brazilian yellow Bourbon, read Rilke, got inspired, and wrote some poems. Yep, poems about the rain. Great way to kill a few hours.

The new poems are what I'm working on now, refining-revising, and hopefully ready for this weekend. Sometimes it's nice not to blog.
rainy paris

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