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First Step in Open Source HW

A week or so ago, Ed Morrison asked the question on BFD whether Open Source principles can be applied to hardware design like it is with software and, with his help, economic planning. I responded in a comment that it already exists and is usually ca… more »

I'm Beside Myself...

...and no amount of meditation, sutra reading, or relaxed talking is going to help. Even my light hearted post earlier was an attempt quell my ire. Yes, I just read about the bonehead, special interest sucking, schmucks that supposed to be working f… more »

"trying to run a new civilization in old ways."

Wow, is that a quote from some insightful modern civic entreprenuer that hits our present system on the head? Well, he was certainly insightful and an entrepreenuer. I was in Edison's Pub in Tremont when I came across this at John Ettorre blog.(workin… more »

Just Sip Coffee?

04/17/06 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: Entrepreneurism, Community, Coffee
So why go to a coffeeshop? You can get exactly the kind of coffee you like at home. It is easy to get brewers of the type that you like whether it's Mr. Coffee, an ibrik, french press, or even espresso. So why a coffeeshop? Former Clevelander and… more »

How I Got Here

04/07/06 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: Entrepreneurism, Social Networks
One of my favorite stories to tell is how a multiply degreed engineer is taking yet another weekend away to meet and talk coffee at the Specialty Coffee Assoc of America conference. Without going into the long megillah (yiddish for book or story, it'… more »

Onward Ho...

In what was looking to be a disappointing evening when I went to the Barking Spider to hear one of my favorite poets, Maj Ragain, and legendary NEO poet, Tom Kryss, only to find out that the event was cancelled. Just as I was about to turnaround to… more »