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Poems are FREE HUGS

05/11/09 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: Poetry, Literary Cafe
Spring in Cleveland is paradise unfolding. So soon after the snow, riding the wind like a bronco busting Dervish, in the calm, after the showers, we get green unfolding. Growth like the not-so-Greater Cleveland Partnership can only fantasize about. G… more »

Better Thursday at Lit Cafe Poetry

04/05/09 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: Poetry, Literary Cafe
If remembering a day when someone was sitting around a garden waiting for leather clad ruffians to come and take them off to be executed makes a Friday good, then the second Thursday of National Poetry Month is a Better Thursday especially if you have… more »

St. Pat is breaking Lent for Lit Cafe Poetry

03/03/09 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: Poetry, Literary Cafe
Faith and Beggorah! Tis only the lucky or the Irish that get to warm up to dear St. Pat with some fine brogue spoken poetry from a lovely lassie and lovable leprechaun. The beer may not yet have the green sheen, but the Literary Café is sure to have th… more »

Me and Nick are Uber Pimps

02/13/09 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: Poetry, About me
That is, we pimp ourselves, AND WHY NOT! We are fabulous without being fully gay. We are beautiful, especially when we take off our shirts. We are disgusting in that attractive, rubbernecking way. We are reading together at Lix and Kix on Tuesday… more »

Sex in the Bookstore

02/11/09 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: Poetry, Community
I'm going to this, not just for the hotness of Neve's reading (and Neve's personal hotness) but it will be Tremont's favorite bookstore's second anniversary. What could be more erotic? more »

Lincoln, Contests, & Lit Poetry

02/07/09 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: Poetry, Literary Cafe
UPDATE Ten score years ago, in a log cabin of Kentucky, on this, the second Thursday of February 12, the same as the Literary Café Poetry series, born was the President that kept our nation together by guile, compassion, and force. I speak of Abraha… more »

Contest Postponed

12/10/08 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: Poetry, Literary Cafe
UPDATE The contest at the Lit Cafe Poetry Reading is postponed for a number of reasons. Mostly I'm a lazy bastard and disorganized and too winter-blasted to follow through on a good idea. Also, I'm too stupid to figure out all the poets. But I'l… more »

Fabulous Lit Cafe Poetry Contest

12/05/08 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: Poetry, Literary Cafe
Like many last month, I was feeling the change in weather. The self-abuse done in the name of poetry caught up with me and I had to duck out of last month’s Literary Café reading. Stayed as long as I could and I was able to hear our fabulous features… more »

Zygote in My Teeth

11/11/08 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: Poetry, About me
Where the hell have I been? Well, I was poetry partying with buds that I met in KC. Thanks to C.Allen Rearick and Brian Fugett, we had our own outlaw, underground, small press poetry festival. The details are below and I apologize for not let you kno… more »

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