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Zygote in My Teeth

11/11/08 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: Poetry, About me

Where the hell have I been? Well, I was poetry partying with buds that I met in KC. Thanks to C.Allen Rearick and Brian Fugett, we had our own outlaw, underground, small press poetry festival. The details are below and I apologize for not let you know beforehand.

Since you missed it, I'll sum it up for you....IT WAS A BLAST!

Yup, I was one of the features.



Comment from: C. Allen Rearick [Visitor]
C. Allen RearickSteve, I'd like to thank you for bein' a part of it. It trully was a blast. Also, Brian will be puttin' up pictures and videos of the event as time warrants at www.zygoteinmycoffee.com so be sure to check that out.
11/11/08 @ 07:51
Comment from: Swinton Johnjameson [Visitor]
Swinton JohnjamesonYep... wasn't asked to read... guess I'm not "underground" enough- or maybe the organizers don't see me as a poet. "You know... you're not really a poet... you're more of a __________". Whatever. When I told Casey that he should have invited me, I got this "oh well" response from him.

Fuck you, Cleveland. You can stick your poetry in your ass.
11/11/08 @ 11:02
Comment from: Neve [Visitor]
NeveSounds like a great time, Steve.

BTW: As a writer of erotica, I'll take Mr. Swinton Johnjameson's salutation in his post above as compliment. :-)
11/11/08 @ 13:02
Comment from: steveg [Visitor]
stevegHey Swinton,
Call the Wahbulance. I'm not asked to read everywhere either, but I'm there for the poems, the brotherhood, and the good times;
not the ego.
11/11/08 @ 13:55
Comment from: Swinton Johnjameson [Visitor]
Swinton JohnjamesonWhere's the wahbulance? is it in the pospital? I'll be at the Lit poetry reading and kick your ass with my soccer cleats you simpleton. You just watch. I've been there for a long time watching you and that turd-burglar Dick Fake-ner hold your dumb-ass poetry "readings". Everyone knows real poetry readings are held in coffee shops or book-stores, not in gay bars in Tremont with loud-mouthed foul-languaged drunk failed businessmen pretending to introduce "poets" all the while being video-taped to feed the egos of you and sad-sack.

Cleveland and it's poetry "scene" can eat a big steaming bowl of my hominy and pork gravy, sizzledick.
11/11/08 @ 16:13