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Words from Braving the Heat

08/12/07 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: Poetry

Thanks to all that came out on a VERY HOT early afternoon yesterday to hear me read some poems.

Since the theme of Gallery U Haul's Mix:24 hr of Art was moving/moving-on, and the idea was to explore the creative process together, I had the audience write a line or or two about moving/moving-on and read some nouns and verbs that Dannee of Grumpy's, Pat of Lago, and I came up with at breakfast. Here is the collaberative poem

I move to the song of poetry.
I'm moving Danielle to Dayton next week.
Lots of Chaos thrown into boxes
+ loaded into the car.
Life goes on ---wife goes on.
Tiptoeing through
a maze of corrigated
brown---I wonder if
I will ever get my
life back. Where
are my socks anyway?
Another "*!$&#" flood.
Movin storm sludge
life--moved on,
leaving me ---behind
In those days when all rest & all patience
has been wiped from the slate of your face,
when it seems that just plain conversations
are like prayers in our secular place.
Motion doesn't mean moving on.
It's just something I do everyday.
Shove your way
out of my world.
Closing doors opening windows
He grabs it the umbrella
No looking back one step in
front of the other onward
to a strange new future.
Drive faster so we can see the
Aurora Borealis.




Comment from: kathy [Visitor] Email
kathyKeep on truckin.
08/13/07 @ 03:42
Comment from: Valerie [Visitor] Email
ValerieHa...that turned out pretty good.
08/13/07 @ 21:34
Comment from: mutant entradish III [Visitor] Email
mutant entradish IIInice moving on poem - echoes of hank snow's "Movin On"
08/15/07 @ 04:16