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Wifi and The Big Picture

02/16/06 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: WiFi

Yes I'm back and trying to reintegrate with the "real" world. In my quick scan of the blogsphere, I came across this fantastic post on Greater Democracy.

Who is the intended beneficiary of an un-metered wireless communications commons? The people or the corporations? The answer is that robust development benefits both, just as public education, public highways and public safety do.

It has many specifics points including describing an infrastructure much like what I'm trying to create with TWifi, and have been presenting to other Cleveland neighborhoods to start implementing via grassroots.

The cost of connecting all of the aggregated demand from many end users to the main internet, back haul, has to be kept as low as possible. Local loops in communities to keep traffic local, combined with Exchange Points, combined with the economies of scale that reduce the cost per Mbps achieved by connecting to the NLR, combined with municipal buying co-ops, can significantly reduce these “back haul” costs.

Note that our own Valdis Krebs is the first (and only as of this post)commenter.


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