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Who's Reading Friday Nite

10/18/07 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: Poetry

Recieved the itinerary for the Friday Nite reading of On The Road from Dave Ferrente, owner of Visible Voice Books. It is a hell of a line up.

Go see Lady Kathy Ireland Smith's 1st Solo Show, "Offworld" at the Brandt Gallery across the street first.

Readers and Section Titles
On The Road Section I

Erick Trickey: Introductory Essay
Jean Brandt: How It Began
Martin Cosentino: A Western Kinsmen Of The Sun
Tony Brown: Damn Me, I’ve Been In This Town Before
Christopher Evans: Hells Bells Its Wild West Week
Michael Heaton: A War With Social Overtones
Tom Welsh: What Are You Doing In Denver
Becky Cummings: Lets Stop The Machine
James Levin: Its Hemingway’s Best
Steve Goldberg: They Were Itching To Shoot Someone
Michael Decapite: Things Grew To Worse Proportions
James Mango: I’m Not A Pimp
Mathew Mortensen: I Wish I Was Wiser With My Money
James Kosmatka: Tomorrow We Make Alot Of Money, Tonite We Don’t Worry
Jack Ricchiuto: The Place Where Paper American Is Born


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