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WhatsInTheBag Press is Launched

08/10/10 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: Poetry, WITB Press

I've been talking about for years, but FINALLY WhatsInTheBag Press is up and publishing. WITB Press (what I like to call it) is the latest addition to the small press universe. The goal is put out single author publications that is of quality and significance. Using the fuck-it-I'll-DIY attitude and my own sense of aesthetic, this press hopes to have an impact in print as the Literary Cafe Poetry Night had in the Cleveland scene. Product will be chapbooks, perfect-bound books, and whatever I want. Doubt there will be any broadsides. Nobody buys those anyway and it's hard to store. NO ANTHOLOGIES except perhaps a limited run for an event or tour, and the long awaited Pen-Pad collection from the Lit reading series. There certainly will be a preponderance of poetry, but not exclusively.

This is a press, where we have printers, pressers, and paper. It will not be nor ever have an online publishing presence, not that there is anything wrong with that. We even have ISBNs! The first product out is Tremont Crawl, a chapbook of 20 pages inspired by the places and people of the historical neighborhood of Tremont in Cleveland. The cost is $5.00 plus shipping and handling.

Yeah, I'm the author, but don't you think this a vanity press. I have 13 potential projects already. Where I'll get the time and cash, I don't know, but that is my problem. Given that, WITB Press is not accepting submissions. Basically the same setup I had for the Lit Readings. It seemed to work out well.

I'm a little cranky from paper cuts and trying to get ready for my first tour, so if it seems obnoxious to let you know that you can order a copy of Tremont Crawl buy clicking the button below, I apologize. But click the button anyway. PLEEEZE.

Tremont Crawl- Goldberg


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Comment from: John Burroughs [Visitor]
John BurroughsGood for you for doing this, Steve. And good luck!
08/30/10 @ 16:48