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Watch the Cowpies on the Cowpath

12/25/06 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: Social Networks

Ton Zylstra relates to the opening keynote speech at the 2nd International Symposium in Media informatics. Marc Smith of M$ Research proposed:

.. let's shelve the word 'community' and use and study the term collective action instead. There are over 150 definitions of community by social scientists. If we
(the social scientists) are not able to decide what it is, maybe everybody else should not be using the word either...

Collective would make more sense in an action mode than community, but community infers more of the interaction and complex ecologies that are involved. Besides, collective sounds too "pink" for me.

The subtitle of the conference is cowpaths, which I agree with Ton for liking, but for different reasons. The complexity of moving an effort thru (and with) a community is rarely a straight line and then you have to watch where you are stepping.

Note a comment from Ann Arbor blog buddy Ed Vielmetti.
Boy do we get around...virtually.


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