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Update...The Bagger

10/29/06 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: Poetry, Blogging, Community, personal, humor, rant

It's not like I don't TRY to blog anymore. It's just that all the fucking negative shit that is on my usual blog reads sucks my blog writing enthusiasm out of me.

I didn't want to do more poetry posts cuz thats not what WITB is only about. Also, I'd rather DO wifi than write about it, though there are great strides going on around the country. New releases of open source code, newer cheaper equipment, etc.

I have written a number of drafts that have me ranting like a lunatic, but then I didn't want to add to the overwhelming downer that I find on the net anymore. Again, I think that trying actually do Buddhism is better than writing about it, even with my piss-poor practice.

So, I figured I'd just list the new stuff that has been going on in my life, what short thoughts I've been having, and try to cover the bases. If there is anybody out there that gives a crap, here is the fill in. And if you don't care what's up with me, then what are you doing wasting time at this blog. Piss off (said with compassion.)

  • I am gainfully unemployed. Haven't been selling coffee for near a month now. Can't say I miss it, the selling, but damn I crave an excellent espresso made from my own hand.

    I have been helping a Tremont gardener friend every so often. She pays better per hour than Phoenix, but it is hard laborious work. So I'm not actually hurting that bad for cash, though my over-planner, stability seeking mind keeps me nervous.

    I have a short temp gig doing some data entry tuesday, thanks to one of my new artistic, hipster pals.

  • I have written a few poems that I think is the best I've done yet. Only read a couple publicly and even then to small group of fellow poets, most that I respect for the quality of their work and longevity.

  • I've been published two more times since the grand announcement of getting an email into ArtCrimes 21 (oh wait, I was feigning modesty and didn't post about that!). I have been published THREE times, ArtCrimes 21 (can get it from DeepCleveland), the special Jim Lang chapbook for the Bookstore on w25th St anniversary (30/25th's Not Just Any Versiaries)(found at, duh, the Bookstore on W25th St.), and most recently in Kathy Ireland Smith's ezine, The City Poetry.

  • Just created my own MySpace page cuz I've had a number of requests to post my poetry. I didn't want to do it here or continue to contribute to other online zines, so now I'm "PoetSteve" at http://www.myspace.com/baggeroh and I even have friends!

  • I just read "The Raven" dressed up as Edgar Allen Poe at the Literary Cafe last night. Linda dressed as the Raven and squawked "Nevermore" at appropriate times.

  • The Literary Cafe Poetry Nite has been garnering a reputation around town and I've booked solid thru June and tentatively thru Sept. with other exquisitely talented poets on the waiting list. We haven't repeated anybody yet, with the exception of RA Washington, who got a lousy deal with his first feature, I wanted to make it up. Cleveland is so chock full of great poets its amazing.

  • I've been scanning comicbook covers to sell Smith's and my collection. The plan is to ebay in time for the holiday rush. Damn, time consuming though. Also starting to look at Smith's video collection for same treatment.

  • It has been over a year since my divorce. I feel like I'm ready to actual know what a woman's company is like. Okay, actually my loins are burning for some hot monkey love. It has been a long time and it is a bit disconcerting at my age, but it's nice to know that the plumbing still works....or at least the boys are still pumping testasterone. (I always thought that the name for the male hormone sounds like anti-freeze.)

  • Had a great interview that broadcasted last Wed. (and maybe again this weds.) on George Bilgere's Wordplay poetry radio show (Weds. 12:30 pm WJCU 88.7 FM). I'm embarrassed and proud of the intro he gave about the Lit Poetry Nite. I wasn't too bad, considering I already had a couple of beers in me.

  • I'm finding that I been eating too much and drinking more. Creeping to 200 lbs again, but I cook so well for myself. I blame Maj Ragain for the drinking. He introduced me to Jameson's Irish Whiskey, a popular quaff for talented emerald poets. I'm not irish and I doubt that there is enuff talent to forgive my drunken behavior. Thanking and damning Maj in the same breath has become a new pastime.

  • Major Ragain is the most respected poet, teacher, and human being in northeast Ohio. He teaches at Kent State and was kind enough to critique three of my poems, now that I have enough confidence and thick skin to handle opinions about my writing. He tore me up, but he was correct in every comment. I think that is why my newer stuff is better, but I love those poems I sent him and I am struggling to refine them with his guiding comments. It's hard. Damn you Maj, and thank you.

  • I have been applying for real jobs, corporate jobs with regular pay, benefits, and some structure. I'm worried that I have fallen in love with the neo-beat lifestyle. Very romantic, sure, but not very pretty if the electricity is shut off, ramen noodles becomes the base of your food pyramid, and the landlord is taping an eviction notice to the door.

    The pseudo-entrepreneur experience has taught me how much I can actually do in a day, as well as that there is a whole lot of available time past 8 hours to do it in. I hope not to get caught up in either the corporate ladder climb, reputation seeking again, or fall down into the Dilbert fatalism. We shall see. No bites yet.

  • On the otherhand, I am seriously considering moving away from Cleveland. I have been finding Clevyland to be a big downer the past few months. But I'm not looking to another city with a new set of fucked up american problems.

    I think I will go to India, specifically, Dharamsala the seat of the Tibetan Government in Exile. They have a wifi program that I have been following and I think I can contribute something there. It is inexpensive to live, I will have a ton of chances to improve my spiritual practice (the formal sitting practice that I suck at), and plenty of time to work on the writing.

    Too many things point to this, it looks very easy to accomplish. So much so, that I am actively looking for reasons and obstacles to NOT go. So far, I haven't found any.

So, that's what's up, down, and sideways. Just a glimpse in where I have always had to live every day of my life, where I will always have to live for the rest of my live, and where I live now.


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Comment from: John Ettorre [Visitor]
John EttorreThanks, Steve. This is a long-overdue status report on your heart, and much appreciated among the large legion of your pals who do very much give a crap about how you're doing. I'm proud to be counted among them. And a special round of good luck in your hunt for monkey love. If I have any ideas on that subject, I'll be sure to share them immediately.
10/30/06 @ 12:20