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"trying to run a new civilization in old ways."

Wow, is that a quote from some insightful modern civic entreprenuer that hits our present system on the head? Well, he was certainly insightful and an entrepreenuer. I was in Edison's Pub in Tremont when I came across this at John Ettorre blog.(workingwithwords.blogspot.com)

Stealing the entire post minus the picture from John, you'll see why it hit me the way it did, when it did:

You see, getting down to the bottom of things, this is a pretty raw, crude civilization of ours--pretty wasteful, pretty cruel, which often comes to the same thing, doesn't it? And in a lot of respects we Americans are the rawest and crudest of all. Our production, our factory laws, our charities, our relations between capital and labor, our distribution--all wrong, out of gear. We've stumbled along for awhile, trying to run a new civilization in old ways. But we've got to start to make this world over.

--Thomas Edison, 1912

True 94 years ago, true now from one of Ohio's own. It made the taste of my RR at the pub taste a little more special.

What are you doing to make this world over?


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Comment from: John Ettorre [Visitor]
John EttorreSteve,
This quote hit me in precisely the same way when I saw it. It was so powerful on so many levels, partly cause I figured that by now I would have come across all or most of the truly great sayings from such a seminal guy. But also because what he was expressing sounded so modern, despite being said a century ago, and despite his central role in making the world so much more modern.

Anyway, the fact that I saw this as the opening quote of a book was enough to convince me I should read that book.
04/21/06 @ 16:03