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There are Poetry Readings and

09/23/08 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: Poetry, About me, Literary Cafe

there are poetry readings with MARY WEEMS.

I'm bopping around the Pacific Northwest these few days. I stopped at an open mic in the bar of a Thai restaurant last nite. A small and slightly clichey group were there. Friendly enough, but no greeter or welcome for new faces. The poetry was okay with a few highlights. Nothing retching bad, but I decided not to read due to the extra 3 hour jet lag.

Anyway they don't touch what we have in Cleveland so don't forget to come and see Mary Weems at the Literary Cafe this Thursday nite at 9:00pm for a SPECIAL poetry nite to launch her new book, An Unmistakable Shade of Red and the Obama Chronicles: Poems. The Lit Cafe is at 1031 Literary Road in Tremont.


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Comment from: MilesB [Visitor]
MilesBI found that to be true in other cities as well. I tell ya, nobody has a poetry scene like we do here in Cleveland. Even in Boulder, the open mic I went to was just so-so.
09/23/08 @ 16:08