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The New Economics

02/28/06 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: WiFi

I almost flipped when I saw this headline on the front of the biz page of the PD last Tuesday. (It was laying open on a table at the cafe. I still don't read it.)

Conservation crimps bottom line
You cut back: Gas utility wants compensation

So demand is down, therefore the price goes up. Huh? So since coffee consumption was low in January at $1.30 a cup, Phoenix will raise the price to $1.75 so our overalll income will stay the same and make the effort of figuring out what the market wants an exercise in futility. So since I did not do much consulting this past year at $100/hr, in order to make the $40k or so a year that I want, my next client must pay $10k/hour for the week I work for him. Yeah. Sure. It'll happen.

I may have only gotten a C+ in macroeconomics in college but if I got anything out of it, it was an understanding of supply/demand curves. If anything, this stinks of pure unadulterated corporate welfare.

I'm surprised Bill Callahan hasn't commented yet.

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Comment from: John Ettorre [Visitor]
John EttorreSteve, I know you intend to use your not reading the paper in the town in which you live and work as a badge of honor, but I can't for the life of me begin to understand how a smart, educated person could do so, if only to be better informed about the opposition, and better armed in forming different arguments. At some point, stubborness tips over into self-injury.
03/02/06 @ 19:57
Comment from: steveg [Member] Email
stevegJohn, The flaw in your argument is that unless I subscribe to the local rag, I'm totally isolated and clueless to what is happening in the world or my own backyard. The point is that I get my information/news thru a myriad of other channels that are more efficient and frankly less overtly biased. Some its online, some is blogs (with the appropriate amount of salt), some is other print, some is radio or TV (not much tho), or conversations with people "in the know".

Somehow I do find out what is happening, usually with more accuracy and many times more timely. I also don't have to get rid of half a tree each week.

Note: this post was based on seeing something in the PD that I had not known before. It's not like I'm an extremist.
03/03/06 @ 17:53