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The Lit is Legit

10/29/05 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: WiFi

I was corrected by Andy in my assessment about the legacy of the Literary Cafe in my announcement of Poetry Night scheduled for 9:00pm this Thurs. November 3.

Apparently the Lit has always gathered all kinds of hooligans from the creative strata including poets as well as sketchpad toting, inkstain fingered artists.

The Literary Cafe has had numerous poetry readings over the years. Not so many lately but nonetheless a list of poets and readings that we've hosted would be quite long.
And now from memory:
Chris Kanuch
Amy Sparks
Mike DeCapite
Kristen Ban Tepper
Charlotte Pressler
Frank Green
Terry Durst
Andrew Klimek
Valerie Marek
Michael Sallinger
and many many more

Read my apologetic comment.


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Comment from: andy [Visitor]
andyNo apology was necessary. I had to "represent" for the past poets otherwise they'd eventually come in (to the bar) and accuse me of having selective memory.
10/31/05 @ 21:39