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The Big Banner

03/04/08 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: Buddhism

You might have noticed the new big banner in the masthead of this here blog. I make no bones about being a Buddhist of the Tibetan kind. So guess where I'll be next month? [click on the banner for info]

For those that have a weak index finger here's the scoop on, what will be an extraordinary weekend with an extraordinary man.


Saturday and Sunday April 19-20, 2008

“Engaging Wisdom and Compassion” a two-day teaching program in three sequential sessions by His Holiness the Dalai Lama.
Saturday 19: 10-12/2-4; Sunday 20: 10-12

Crisler Arena on the University of Michigan Campus
333 E. Stadium Blvd. Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Tickets: Two Day Tickets from $20-$95
Saturday Only Tickets - from $10-$75
Sunday Morning Tickets - from $10-$45
Student rate - $10 per day (with ID through Michigan Union Ticket Office
(MUTO)Only 763-TKTS )

Patron Tickets - A limited number of Patron seats will be available for the two days @ 1,000.00. These tickets include the best seats possible with lunch on both days as well as the opportunity to help bring His Holiness to Ann Arbor.
Available through Ticketmaster www.ticketmaster.com.

Further info: www.jewelheart.org; www.dalailamaannarbor.com

And I'm supposed to be a volunteer usher to escort dignitaries onto the stage. This means I might be with in incense smelling distance from His Holiness.

Come and see if I faint from the experience.



Comment from: milesB [Visitor] Email
milesBReally... not much of an "update", more of a copying info from above...

Excuse me now as I rest my index finger from all this work...
03/04/08 @ 18:54
Comment from: Tom [Visitor] Email
TomSure - don't mention your friends who will be housing you and feeding you:) Congrats on the usher gig!
03/18/08 @ 18:33