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The Great Liquor Disaster

08/20/09 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: personal, humor, rant, About me

While I was out in Kansas City for the Unregulated Word: The Holy Spectacular Poetry Festival, weather seemed to take my place in Cleveland with rumbling thunders and crashing blasts. As you can see below, a shelf in the apartment couldn't take the vibrations and dropped its load.

Look closely and you'll notice that it was my liquor shelf with broken glass everywhere, and not just from my entire wine glass collection. The rum is gone.

Yup that's what is left of my Laphroaig single malt.[sniff]. I'm gonna miss that. It was still a quarter full.[sniff]


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Comment from: neve black [Visitor]
neve black"...dropped its load...." Interesting choice of words -

sorry about the single malt. ;-(
08/29/09 @ 13:22