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Thanks Fer Yur Support

05/10/07 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: Poetry

My reading at Mac's Backs came off great, despite the growing global conspiracy against Steven B coolness. (You can see what Steven B Smith has had to endure in Morocco here.) For this Steven B Goldberg, it manifested by responding to appointments I had made yesterday.

I scheduled a car check out for this morning, but when I wanted to run to Coventry for burger and brew before the reading, my transmission went out and I had to get a tow out work's parking lot. I managed to bum a ride to Cleveland Heights from Adam Harvey and just made it to the reading.

Since I didn't get my burgers (and dammit the brews neither!), I ran to get a slice of pizza during the break. Wouldn't cha know, I lost a filling wolfing that down. Did I mention that I also scheduled a dentist appointment that day? A haircut appointment, I'd be bald. I don't even want to think of a proctology exam.

Decided to pull a Lang and take a picture to remember one of these rare times I get to feature read. Tere Maher was magnificent and Carmen Tracey threw out images that shook up that old bookstore. Glad I didn't have follow either one.

Thanks to everybody that came out to hear me read. thanks to Adam the driver, Russ Vidrick, Charlotte Mann, Alma Chopra, Katy Daley, Miles Budimir, Joseph Makkos, Marsha Sweet, Wendy Shaffer, and George Bilgere.

I apologize if you were standing in the back or if missed you. Know that I appreciate your coming out as well. A special thank you to Suzanne DeGaetano for giving me this opportunity to read where so many great poets have been before.



Comment from: Kathy [Visitor] Email
KathyWish I coulda been there. Miss you all terribly. We now plan to visit in October and November. Morocco's beat the shit outta us, and we need to see home for a bit.
05/20/07 @ 11:16
Comment from: Mutant Entradish III [Visitor] Email
Mutant Entradish IIIi'd heard that the Steven Bs
were too cool to be cool.
05/29/07 @ 08:50