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Take Heart, Poets

10/19/05 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: WiFi

Last night I did my first public poetry reading in Tremont. I met a number of local neighborhood poets, none of which make any money doing the craft.

From an interview Allen Ginsberg did in 1983 with Steve Foehr at Naropa Institute:

I considered myself professionally rejected. I didn't get anything published until 1955 or so (he was 29), and then I didn't make any money on it. I still don't make enough to live on from my writing. That is hardly the consideration. I just got $300 from City Lights, my publisher, for the year 1983. This is December.

- out of the book, Spontaneous Mind, edited by David Carter

Ginsberg was 57 years old AND HE WAS ALLEN f-ing GINSBERG, internationally famous, a prolific poet, and still he couldn't earn a living from writing.

So what the hell are the rest of us expecting?


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