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Spring Time is Poetry Time

04/04/08 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: Poetry, Literary Cafe

With April, comes the promise of the end of winter, true rebirth with muddy puddles and baseball's opening day. It is also tends to mean just one more snow fall in the Cleveberg land of eternal grey. Such is ambitious expectation, so many times based on overwhelming desire for something just a little better...or warmer. Foolishness in chance. However, a sure thing is that April IS national poetry month and The Lit Cafe has evolved to a point that it NEVER disappoints. This month is no exception.

To meet the high expectation of our discerning audience for such an auspicious time, The Lit Cafe is importing a special poet from Worcester Massachusetts and having a rare REPEAT performance from one of our favorites.
dan and john
From the scant bio sent by Dan Provost and look at pics the web (including this one. Dan is on the right), you never really believe that he is a careful and serious poet. In fact you may fall into the misconception that Dan only thinks about football and beer. I quote the bio, "He is also the Head Football Coach of Keefe Tech High School in Framingham, Massachusetts." But to read his poetry, you would find that he not only thinks of other deep life thoughts of existence, but he is quite capable of expressing them beautifully. Dan has been published in numerous poetry magazines and on-line publications. He won the 2002 RC Edrington's chap contest with "The Fat Girl on Belmont Street" and his fourth chapbook,"The 21'st Century Wretch" was published in April, 2007 by Scintillating Press. He feeds his large and diverse appetites by being the Assistant Director of Graduate Services at Assumption College.

Our second poet has read at the Lit Cafe before. John Dorsey (he's the guy on the left)is well known in the underground and outsider poetry circles of country. He graced us with selections from the cooperative title "Harvey Keitel,Harvey Keitel, Harvey Keitel" done with left coasters S.A. Griffin and Scott Wannberg. He has edited Griffin's life opus, "The Numbskull Sutra" and has a new book out with Amanda Oaks called "Dreams That Would Drown Most Men." In case your wondering, Griffin designed and edited this with Dave Smith (coming to the Lit in July). John is an accomplished reader and has toured the US many times, yet, is an Artist In Residence at the Collingwood Arts
Center just next door in Toledo.

Forget about that inevitable last snow blast. Forget that taxes are due in five days. Loose yourself in this outstanding slate, worthy of National Poetry Month, so come out this, the second Thursday of the month (like every month), April 10 at 9:30pm at the Literary Cafe. Location is 1031 Literary Road in the poetic heart neighborhood of Tremont in Cleveland.


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