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Small Publishing

01/25/08 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: Poetry, Economic Development

I have been planning for over a year to publish a book of the spontaneous poetry generated by the Literary Cafe (the original Lit, Big Lit, Tremont Lit, NOT the inferior Lit)* and I'm going to do it under the What's In the Bag Press. Then I saw this from Rhymes With Orange.

I'll still do it, but the reality of poetry publishing is that it is a niche and not a very profitable niche at that. But to see some of our other small press publishers, The Lit (PWLGC Lit, Superior Lit, Little Lit, New Lit, the other Lit)* is having a bookfair Saturday 26th from 4-7pm at 2570 Superior Ave, Suite 203. Many of my favorite publishers will be there such as GreenPanda Press / Bottom Dog Press & Bird Dog Publishing / Deep Cleveland Books / Burned Book Press / the language foundry / Pudding House Publications / VanZeno Press / Jim Lang and Bag-o-Zine, etc. / and others. I don't just mean they are my favorites cuz they published my stuff either.

*Note: See Cleveland Poetics Listserv to enjoy the hilarious discussion about alleged name stealing.


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Comment from: winston smith [Visitor] Email
winston smithi just think of the inferior Lit as the nickname thieves.
01/28/08 @ 07:33