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Ski Dreams

12/14/05 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: WiFi

[Originally written last snowy Sunday, but I wanted to find one of my ski pictures.]

As look out my window and watch the fluffy cold ice crystals drift down and listen to the Bells of St. Cantius call the Polish faithful to worship, I can't help but noticing that I still have this deep down sense of excitement in my gut.

You see, soon after I arrived into Cleveland, I recognized that I best find something to do during the extra-long winter months. Since the only joint in my body that haven't injured yet was my knees, it was obvious I should take up skiing. I never got very good, but I could get down some of the steep slopes without killing myself.

So now when I see the white stuff, I get a little giddy. I loved skiing and as the typical irony of life, when I had the money, there was no time or little snow and now I have the time and the snow, but no money.

Hell, I'm so out of shape now, I probably would screw up my knees and I don't have medical insurance either. But still, I can enjoy that little tickle of anticipation.


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