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Show Support of Net Neutrality

08/27/06 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: WiFi, Political

At the TWiFi Hack Nite, a women came by to let us know about a demonstration in front of Sen. Dewine's office downtown this Tuesday, August 29th at 4:00pm.

I've certainly gone on about the House's COPE (HR 5252:Communications Opportunity Promotion and Enhancement Act), but not too much about the Senate's ATOR (S.2686 Advanced Telecommunications and Opportunities Reform Act or the Steven's bill). There are some better things in the Senate bill, but still pretty much sucks with national telecom franchising and wishywashy free and open net usage. Anyway Callahan does a better job analyzing policy than I do or go to Free Press for an opinion.

But I do know that so far neither of our Ohio Senators have gone on the record for S.2686. So go to this demonstration Tues at 4:00 at 600 Superior Ave. (5/3 building) and let Mikey Dewine know his reelection is on the block with his decision on ATOR. For more information call Lios Romanoff 216-371-1175, The committee on Corporations, Law, & Democracy.

Also click and donate at SaveTheInternet banner in the sidebar. TWiFi, WITB, and me personally are members of the Save The Internet coalition. Also here is Sherrod Brown's, Dewine's senate opponent, statements on Net Neutrality at MeetTheBloggers.


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Comment from: TimFerris [Visitor]
TimFerrisI saw a commercial of Mike DeWine yesterday talking like Walter Brennan or Grandpappy Amos or Gabby Hayes. Is this something new and intentional, or has he always been like this? I don't recall him being so "down home" or "in the vernacular."
08/28/06 @ 13:20