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Shameless Self (& MTB) Promotion

09/06/06 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: Poetry, Blogging

Wow, with the LDay holiday (L stands for Labor or in my case Lazy), this week creeped up lightning fast. Now I face prematurely the Meet The Bloggers silent auction and poetry reading fundraiser.

Yes, I am one of the features to share verse with other poets, many who blog, such as Michael DeAloia, Ken Duncan, Don Iannone, Jeffrey Bowen, Anna Marie Jones, Adrienne Craver, and Adam Harvey.

Come on down at 5:30pm to the Tower Press Buiding, 1900 Superior to hear a little fancy-tickling poesy and maybe you will see something in the auction that tickles more than your fancy.


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Comment from: jf [Visitor]
jfdude, nice hat!
10/07/06 @ 20:55