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Quiet ...

07/31/07 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: Poetry

doesn't mean lonely, necessarily. The blog was silent, I hardly spoke to anyone in the blogosphere. In fact I kept to myself most of the time, but as D.H. Lawrence wrote in "Corot":

Ah listen, for Silence is not lonely:
Imitate the magnificent trees
That speak no word of their rapture, but only
Breathe largely the luminous breeze.

*blissful sigh*


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Comment from: kathy [Visitor] Email
kathyThis has nothing to do with your post other than D.H. Lawrence, but:

I'm reading a book, "Intellectuals and the Masses." D.H. Lawrence features prominently. The book says that the "masses" are a construct that has been used by intellectuals, including D.H., so they can feel superior. Really interesting book. Totally makes me re-evaluate some of my "elitist" tendencies.
08/05/07 @ 01:00