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Protest Canceled?

08/29/06 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: WiFi, Political

Got a call from organizer Lois Romanoff 216-371-1175. She let me know that the Net Neutrality protest at Dewine's office today is cancelled. So don't show up in the rain. You'll be alone.

The reason she gave was that the keynote speaker, who is a local mayor, cancelled. Quite honestly, I think that is a lame excuse. Who gives a crap what a politician who is not an influencer on the vote, has to say about net neutrality. At least anything that any of us who are informed can't say ourselves.

Unfortunately, we also have to be a little cynical when it comes to elected officials when it comes to this issue. AT&T and Verizon spend millions for the COPE and ATOR bills. Anyone who's job depends on campaign contributions have a tough tradeoff to contend with. I'm not saying that this mayor decided to withdraw support, but we can't depend on anyone that has these kind of pressures. We need commitment, unwavering.

So I change my mind. Go out there, scream, chant, show signs! WE don't need no stinkin Tie with good delivery. We need passion. We need commitment, rain or shine, popularity or not. Make Dewine see that this is a very important issue.

Lois, there is a lesson here for you too.


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amybad organizer, bad.
08/29/06 @ 12:48