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Post National Poetry Month Trauma Syndrome

05/01/07 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: Poetry

If you have been going to all the National Poetry Month events around the region, you may be thinking that you survived. Even tho the Jawbone in Kent is this weekend, sort of bleeding into the May flower power, you can take a breath and congratulate yourself.

However, if you find yourself waking in the middle of the night with the sweats and shouting "If I contradict myself, so be it. For I am large!",or that weekly report has an iambic cadence, or you wonder if you can make a sestina out of the names of the seven dwarfs, if only a tree fell on Doc, then you may have Post National Poetry Month Trauma Syndrome (PNPMTS)

Experts have advised after two Rolling Rocks, a shot of Old Poltrero, and a Jameson's neat, that the best way to treat PNPMTS (pronounced "pinpmets") to gradually wean away from the obsession with progressively less uproarous, sensibility snapping, juice roiling spoken words.

Fortunately, Don Ianonne and Michael Ceraolo, the features for this month's Literary Cafe Poetry academy and donut stand Nite of a thousand twitches (Thurs May 10 at 9:30pm) is exactly what the doctor prescribes.

Michael Ceraolo is a civil servant and poet who says he's trying to overcome a middle-class upbringing. He has had over 600 poems published in nearly a hundred journals, such as Impetus, Green Fuse, San Fernando Poetry Journal, and Tamafyhr Mountain Poetry. He has published the book, Cleveland Haiku, with Green Panda Press, and his most recent book is Euclid Creek, which traces the origins of Euclid Creek and proceeds to illuminate hundreds of years of Northeast Ohio history as it meanders like the flow of water through people, places and events. Euclid Creek is with Deep Cleveland Press. [kudos to Marcus Bales for this bio and Wendy Shaffer for the photo.]

Don Iannone is a poet living in Cleveland, Ohio. By day, Don runs a strategic planning and organization development consulting company, and by night he writes poetry.

Don grew up in Eastern Ohio in the 1950s and 1960s. His early years have had a deep influence on his poetry. Like the Pulitzer Prize winning poet James A. Wright, Don comes from Martins Ferry and he writes often about his hometown. While he has written poetry throughout his life, he has seriously dedicated himself to poetry writing only over the past four years.

Overall, Don’s poetry is shaped by three underlying influences: his spiritual journey and the deeper questions it raises; the beauty and inspiration found in all aspects of nature; and the power and meaning of everyday life. Don believes all of us have a tendency to overlook the importance of everyday life. Too often, we miss the beauty, inspiration and meaning found in everyday life.

Don is the author of two published poetry books. Stilling the Waters was published in 2005 by Medicine Wheel Publishing, and Walks in Life’s Sacred Garden, which will be released in May 2007 by BookSurge. A number of his poems also have been published in several online poetry journals.

Luxurious words by two masters of the pen, crafted and buffed into velvety softness that will lull that trauma right out of existence. And if that doen't work, Andy will have a special Buy Two, Get Two beer promotion.

So get treatment Thursday, May 10 at 9:30pm. The Literary Cafe is at 1031 Literary Road in historestaurantical Tremont neighborhood. Clicky for mappy, Happy.



Comment from: LadyK [Visitor] Email
LadyKGlad to see that Mike's reading. I believe in his book. How weird to see part of my past continue on in this fashion...
05/08/07 @ 18:35
Comment from: don iannone [Visitor] Email
don iannoneSteve, Looking forward to this Thursday evening. You guys do keep late hours. Thanks for the preview. Don
05/10/07 @ 05:21