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03/16/08 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: Poetry

Yup, that's Tremont!

I'm going to start shifting the emphasis of WITB and start pimping the poetry events that I plan on attending or that I think are cool. It wasn't planned, but it seems that WITB has morphed into a poetry blog, so instead of fighting it, I'll go with the flow. I'll still put on whatever strikes me, but poetry in northeast Ohio will be the main theme.

To start, I'm going to Visible Voice Books Wednesday to hear an excellent line up of poets from our institutions of higher learning. Michael Dumanis of CSU, Roger Craik of KSU-Ashtabula, Phil Metres and George Bilgere of JCU are reading. This is not one to miss. The program starts at 7:30pm Wednesday March 19. VVB is, of course, in Tremont on Kenilworth Ave.


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Comment from: milesB [Visitor] Email
milesBI love poetry, you know that... but I also love tickets to the Cavs-Pistons game too...
03/18/08 @ 17:06