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Personal Freedom

11/19/05 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: WiFi

As I struggled with the security problems (or the "potential" security problems) that my webhost accused me of having, I was pondering about all this effort just to give myself some freedom of expression.

Coincidentally, dear friend Jack posted this nice quip on the freedoms that Open Space Technology offers in gatherings. (I won't call those meetings.) Then I noticed a poster in my doctors office wall that quotes Virginia Satir:

5 freedoms

  • To See and Hear what is here instead of what should be, was, or will be.
  • To say what one feels and thinks instead of what one should.
  • To Feel what one feels instead of what one ought.
  • To Ask for what one wants, instead of always waiting for permission.
  • To Take Risks in one's own behalf, instead of choosing to be only 'secure' and not rocking the boat.

Never heard of Virgina Satir before this, but what a simple and articulate way to express much of what I strive to be and is deserving to be my first post after the forced hiatus.



Comment from: jack [Visitor]
jackVirginia Satir is a very celebrated therapist/teacher. Her message: be authentic, be yourself (shamelessly, if that!) Nice.
11/19/05 @ 15:51
Comment from: Dawn [Visitor]
DawnRe: "all this effort, just to give myself some freedom of expression"
Well, my dear Steve, I see benefits for others beyond your own self indulgence. For the short while I've been reading a few blogs, including yours, they've touched some creative place in me that seems to have collected a lot of dust over the years. The creative noticings you and others write about reconnect me to an artistic, non-linear thinking part of myself that used to have time to paint and draw. Thanks for your efforts.
11/21/05 @ 00:07