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Patron of the Arts

04/22/07 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: Community, personal, humor, rant

Now that I've sold out my soul to regain my place in the Dilbert Cubical Dungeon, I now have something of a mythical condition.

I have some disposible income.

Whereas, in the former, former life I horded it to take care of suburban dreams and disaster hedging. Massed it up to accumulate practable toys of the over achiever. I was a good republican.

This time around I did what I advocated for years, but never indulged cuz I had not the resources. I bought art and I bought local art and I bought local art from a gallery and I bought local art from a local gallery and I bought local art from a local gallery cuz I just liked it and not cuz it was from a name or that I would be cool to buy it.

I bought this Peter Leon from out of the SB Smith collection that is being administered by Brandt Gallery.

peter leon urinals

And yes it is hanging in my bathroom cuz that is where I like it.



Comment from: Jeff Schuler [Visitor] Email
Jeff SchulerHave you tried them out yet? They look kind of high.
04/24/07 @ 00:16
Comment from: milesB [Visitor] Email
milesBHey, look at me! I can type!
04/25/07 @ 00:49
Comment from: LadyK [Visitor] Email
LadyKI had Pete's urinal paintings hanging over my dining room table. I wonder what the significance of that is...

Pete had a phase where he took photos of all the urinals in the mens rooms on a particular street. And another phase involving gravesite photos.

Last time I saw his work, he was painting words on canvas. Wonderful vibrant stuff.

I dated him for a while. Love his amazingly intricate and trippy poems.
05/08/07 @ 18:38