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Patience Through Interconnection

10/13/06 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: Buddhism

As I struggle with my internal disappointments, I have noticed that I constantly look outside for the reasons, for the lynchpins that spark my basic lousy attitude. Intellectly I know that it is just me lying to myself, but how to avoid projecting it on others.

Again, 1300 year old wisdom from Shantideva that seems to be directed right at me.

I do not desire sufferingf; yet, fool that I am, I desire the cause of suffering. When suffering emerges due to my own fault, why should I be angry with anyone else?


Those who hurt me are impelled by my actions, as a result of which they will go to the infernal realms. Surely, it is I alone who have ruined them.


It is I alone who harm them, and they are my benefactors. Wicked mind, why do you misconstrue this and become angry?

---Shantideva in A Guide to the Bodhisattva Way of Life (Bodhicaryavatara), Wallace translation Chap 6, lines 45,47,49

It is a bit out of context and a slight understanding of karma helps so that this doesn't sound as self-flagellating as it appears.

Basically it is reminding me that I set the karmic wheels turning and others are simply playing their part. Unfortunately, their actions create negative karma for themselves as well and I should see my contribution to their future suffering. So what is the anger for? Thus the cyclic karmic existance where we all sow the seeds of our own unhappiness as well as others.

The good news is that this works for positive karma the same way. We can create our future happiness as well as pull along others by having them play their role in doing positive actions. So patience has its virtue for everybody.



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Adam HarveyGood thoughts, man.
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