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Passion Pushes Place in Publication

08/20/07 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: Cleveland, Economic Development, Community

stolen image-continentalYeah, I've been going nuts during travel for indentured servitude. Makes me go into uncontrollable alliteration, but a bright note surprised me when I opened this month's flight magazine on my Continental plane ride to Maryland (got crabs---the good kind.)

My newest pal, Lois Moss, has been cranking on getting MLK Blvd closed on Sundays so folks can enjoy the beautiful Rockefeller Park. It has been a bureaucratic nightmare on elm st for her with the city, museums, and Univ Circle dragging their feet in spite of the success she showed whenshe did it before LAST YEAR.

Dubbed Walk + Roll Cleveland, the gatherings promote community connections, healthy living, and vibrant public places.

At least Continental Airlines recognizes a good thing and shares it with the rest of the nation. Click here for the whole blurb. Nice job, Lois.


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Comment from: kathy [Visitor] Email
kathyThat sounds pretty cool. We're re-learning the pleasures of community. Smith is a natural hermit, but even he admits that London is better for us now that we've made friends.

Community: sometimes it seems everything I'm thinking about lately manifests itself to me in other places. I'm reading a book, Democracy is for People. Here's an excerpt:

[about Ralf Dahrendorf]: 'Life chances', he said, 'are a function of two elements: options and ligatures.' Options are opportunities, the choices each of us has. Ligatures are allegiances or linkages. Dahrendorf pointed to the sense in which the quality of life, as distinct from the quantity of production, is related to these ligatures or linkages, to the relationships that people have with their community, with their family, with the history of their particular neighbourhood, with their ability to find around them familiar things. It is these things, not only opportunities or choices, that spell out our identity and give meaning to our lives.

The quality of life, therefore, is made not only out of a widening of opportunities, but also out of a sense of belonging, of being cared for, of being wanted, of being part of a network of relationships with people and also with objects.
08/23/07 @ 05:46