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Now and Then

03/18/08 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: personal, humor, rant, About me

I bet nobody was as shocked as me when this picture was posted from the February poetry reading. The fact that I was standing half naked with a couple of half naked women should have been shock enough. manboobs
However, for me the shock was that my mind's eye image of myself was more like below. This was taken a short decade ago in Puerto Rico. A little different, huh?

Kiddies, all I can say is that aging sucks, but it doesn't have to be this bad. Don't let this happen to you.



Comment from: Kathy [Visitor] Email
KathyHeck, no one is even ever gonna catch me without a shirt on unless I have plastic surgery. We all got our problems.
03/20/08 @ 19:02
Comment from: DonIannone [Visitor] Email
DonIannoneGlad I wasn't reading that night! What a sight...LOL.
03/25/08 @ 05:37
Comment from: John Ettorre [Visitor] Email
John EttorreWish I had been there that evening with
my zoom lens.
03/28/08 @ 10:33
Comment from: winston smith [Visitor] Email
winston smithflesh fails - always. that's why it's better to go within to see yourself and others rather than lingering on the surface outside.
04/01/08 @ 07:12