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No Confidence Vote

10/23/05 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: WiFi

Friday night, Frank Jackson came into the Literary Cafe on the invitation of one the regular patrons, Tom Bell. I got there early to do some homework, ie read the position papers on his website (please note that I am NOT linking there. He can get his own traffic). I was also hoping that he may come in like Lynch did, abit early, so that we may have a good uninterrupted conversation.

Instead, his advance "man" (the kid seemed right out of college) came at around 9:30 and all he wanted to do is talk to me as I was trying to read the most inoccuous collection of buzzwords, glittering generalities, and load of insubstance I have ever seen. William Burrough's Naked Lunch seemed more tangible. Anyway, whatever I said this kid was agreeing with, even if it was the opposite of Jackson's official stance. I had to start ignoring him cause he knew nothing about the real issues and he was making it difficult to finish the reading.

When Frank finally showed up, he came with a gaggle of syncophants, all young twenty somethings of which more than a few had the air of arrogant yuppie, which of course played well in the working-class neighborhood's artists' watering hole. Anyway, the grand scheme of separatng Frank from his handlers and force him to the back of the bar, then not letting him go til he answered ALL our questions satisfactorily, did not come to fruition.

I did get some decent one-on-one time with him to explain the theory, model, and vision of TWifi. He seemed to not have a clue about where technology really plays in economic development besides some vague expressions of that it is important and the future of Cleveland blah, blah, blah. Nor, and more importantly, does he have an idea on how to implement it or how to get the population introduced to it.

On his behalf, he IS a very nice guy and he did say that he was learning a few things from me. Whether it sticks, who knows. He pulled a sneak-away after only an hour, of which I used up 15 minutes. No goodbyes, no nothing. I had the sense he was uncomfortable mixing with the riff-raff, which is strange considering he represents a ward is in economic distress.

It was a bad move, since many of us thought he did the voter/donator scan and felt that this wasn't worth the time. Very dumb, since he knew that at least three bloggers were present and we probably get around 50 hits a day each, so, effectively, he ignored 150 people. Just goes to show how he still doesn't get technology.

After Frank left, I got surrounded by his staff, getting peppered with questions about the TWifi model. I imagine he told them to pump me for information. One of them even wanted me to send him my plans and financial justifications. It was so obvious that they wanted to co-op everything, I refused. Even these youthful politicos seem to be clueless about wifi, the internet, and the vast possibilities it represents.

One guy, who was exuding distain for us, the great unwashed, stood with arms folded across his chest and kept asking how do I pay for it. He didn't seem to get that people who think something is good will simply help. That private donations, sweat equity, and working together is enough to make progress on projects. He was stuck in a box that just couldn't comprehend the ideal of altruism. Either that or he really was a douchebag. Probably a little of both.

Thanks to Dan, who sitting on the sidelines, turned to Gumbybrain and shouted, "People just help when they see that something is worthwhile!" (or somesuch thing).

Basically, my experience with Frank Jackson was not very comforting. I don't know what Ron Copfer saw, felt, or heard that made him a fan, but I missed it. Of course, Frank may have been more animated talking to a millionaire than to a semi-employed bean-pusher.

His whitepapers are basically used toilet paper with what he has written on them. He did nothing to bolster my opinion of him in our personal meet. Basically, I have no confidence in him, even as a NOT-JANE vote. I'm not one that chooses the lesser of two evils with my vote and I'm certainly not going to punch the Campbell hole on my ballot, so what's a citizen to do.

Well many may claim that I'm going to waste by vote, that it won't count, that there is no electability, viability, effectibility in doing this. But, I guess I have to write-in somebody. Considering I have written in candidates for all but one presidential election since I have been eligible (that was 1980, folks), this should not be a surprise.

I want to remind you that candidates become viable, electible, and effective when citizens do vote for them. We just have to not be afraid of losing an election. Reagan ran back in '72 against a sitting Republican president (Nixon) in a primary. Nobody really took him seriously then. Twelve years later, Bonzo goes to Washington.

My problem is to find someone who I have the confidence to do the job, whether they are running or not. Bonzo would be an improvement, but do you have any other suggestions?



Comment from: George Nemeth [Visitor]
George NemethTinfoil hat, Steve.
10/23/05 @ 18:57
Comment from: AK [Visitor]
AKSteve, I prefer THIS Frank Jackson:

10/23/05 @ 22:46
Comment from: lou [Visitor]
louthanks for the info steve, i could not make it out because of my 12 hour work shift, i had some questions to ask also but they'll have to wait for another time i suppose.

10/24/05 @ 13:22