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No Borders

11/27/06 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: Poetry, Community, Social Networks

Valdis posted about network weaving in Latvia. His best quote was:

Local network weaving is great, but global network weaving is better!

I just experienced much of the same thing, but while sitting on my duff in front of the computer monitor (like I'm doing now.)

SA griffin I announced jumping into the gen x-y-z realm of MySpace a month ago and yes I got jokes about 14 year old mipples and other crass things about dirty old manhood (like Bukowski?). The real reason was to stay in touch with poets from across the country that I met at the Levyfest last month. One ,of which is SA Griffin of Los Angeles.

I found out that he was friends of Matt Wascovich "Wasco", local Tremonter-buddy, experimental noisemaker, avante gard promoter (he was the one that booked me for my first feature reading), and publisher.wasco Wasco also introduced me to the work of west coast poet/musician Jack Brewer. Well, SA is very good friends with Jack and just did an interview with him and sent the magazine to me here.

Are you all following so far? Good.

Also thru SA, I met Dave Smith, another MySpacer and Levy fan. From a little lyric response on a poem blog post on Whitman, Miles Bell from Northern England contacted me and we have been corresponding. miles

So, thanks to a social software tool (not a replacement for interaction, but a tool!), from Cleveland to LA to merry old UK, we haven't been closing triangles as much as we have closed tetrahedrons.

Picture of Wasco (the bearded one) was by lou muenz.


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