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New blogs I found

11/21/05 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: WiFi

Since I couldn't post and my list of usual reads were also incognito, I found myself talking about blogging to people I spend some time with.

Out of that I discovered a few other bloggers that did not make it onto G's NEOroll (hint, hint). For example, Will is a grad student at CSU and a barista at the Superior Ave Phoenix. His blog, FiatLux, is somewhat stimulating and fun. He has just finished an interesting project of modeling volunteerism in nonprofits. Stay tuned, he promises to post it very soon.

Also, I was talking blogging with Stephanie, the daughter of my new downstairs neighbor. Steph has been a Tremont resident for three years and has a very honest and poignant style in both her verse and narrative on Out of habit. (Adam, this should get on the Tremont list).

Enjoy these new discoveries, even if they are technically not so new to the blogsphere. Sometimes it pays to look up from the keyboard.


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