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Me Read Poetry

02/12/07 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: Poetry


The reading has been canceled via Suzanne's comment. Apparently the heat of my poesy wasn't enough to melt the snow. No sympathy from soulful girls for me tonite. I hate valentine's day.

Wanted to let people know that I am a featured reader at Mac's Backs, this Wednesday Feb 14 at 7:00pm. Yup, Valentine's day. For some reason Suzanne figured that I wasn't doing anything that day. She was right, so I will be playing the forlorn lonely poet with sad eyes and weeping heart to try to get some sympathy from young neo-hippy girls that still hang around Coventry in a timewarp.

Oh yeah, also reading is Lit Cafe poetry nite regular Carmen Tracy and Terre Maher. Mac's Backs is at 1820 Coventry Rd in Cleveland Hghts.


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Comment from: Suzanne DeGaetano [Visitor] Email
Suzanne DeGaetanoHi,

We have to cancel this reading on 2/14 with Steve Goldberg, Terre Maher and Carment Tracy because of big giant snow drifts everywhere. Sorry!
We will reschedule, watch our calendar.
02/14/07 @ 11:28