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Me and Nick are Uber Pimps

02/13/09 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: Poetry, About me

That is, we pimp ourselves, AND WHY NOT! We are fabulous without being fully gay. We are beautiful, especially when we take off our shirts. We are disgusting in that attractive, rubbernecking way.

We are reading together at Lix and Kix on Tuesday February 17. 806 Wine and Martini Bar is where we will just make it up as we go along.
Beware, I used to get drunk there ALOT. It may happen again and you poet groupies might get a chance at this lusciousness (lush-yness?)



Comment from: neve black [Visitor]
neve blackNow here's a perfect example boys and girls when a great writer should not write when he's so obviously recovering from being over-served from the night before: case in point - ALOT? Lucsciousness (lusciouyness?) What in the world happened there? Smiling.

p.s. My head hurt today too. I thougt it best not to write.

02/13/09 @ 17:50
Comment from: Jesus [Visitor]
02/16/09 @ 21:04
Comment from: Neve Black [Visitor]
Neve BlackI know I said this verbally last night over beers and solving world problems, however, it's important that I mention today, after my head has cleared.... The performance last night was effortlessly clever, fun and thoughful. Both you Nick's performance was last night was amazing. I think this was one of the best readings I've seen, thus far. I loved how you played off of the other; alwasy touching on light-heartedness, while still managing to delve into the deep thoughtful themes of love, loss and the of course, contemplation about life. Your body language, verbal skills and timing further illuminated the overwhelming mutual respect and a deep regard for the other's talent. Very nicely done. Bravo!

p.s. Bravo! This also translates the same in French. :-)
02/18/09 @ 11:59