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Little Roastery in Tremont

12/18/05 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: WiFi

Many of you don't realize that George was roasting his own coffee years ago, but he put the bug in my ear and I finally gave it a fling. You would think that being part of the Phoenix family, this would have been a natural. However, the easy access of fresh EXPERTLY roasted beans just made me lazy. So these are my results.

I roasted Brazilian Santos because they are least complex and easy to distinguish roast levels by taste. I used an air popcorn popper that had a venturi-like airflow (it spins) and a wood spoon to keep the beans moving. I had a plastic bowl to catch the chaff as it flew out the popper (it is kind of messy) and a colander and a strainer to air cool the beans when they were finished roasting. A word of warning, disconnect the smoke alarm! This does create a lot of smoke.

This was while in the midst of the alchemy.

So I did a few 2 oz. batches at different levels. For one reason is that I always thought that Phoenix roasted the Brazilian a little too dark. I roasted at second crack, 2 minutes after second crack, 4 mins after, and 6 minutes after. I gotta say that the place smelt great! I thought that I might have burnt the 6 minute batch. Wish I had a candy thermometer long enough to get into the beans in the popper well.

Don't know if you can make out the differences in color of each roasting.

The proof is in the pudding, so over the next couple of days, I brewed up the concoctions to see which was the best roast for this varietal of beans. The second crack was very uninteresting. Not enough sugars were created. I at first thought the 4 minute was the best, but then I tried the 6 minute batch. Remember I thought I burnt this one. It was delicious! The look the aroma and the taste was so similar to the Phoenix roast, that I learned an important lesson.

Don't question the Master, Carl.
He is not the coffee guru for nothing and in 30 years of roasting you learn a thing or two.



Comment from: George Nemeth [Visitor]
George NemethI've got an Alphenroast that I'm not using. You want to borrow it? I've thought of doing a dryer hose out the window to exhaust the smoke. Or maybe an oven vent?
12/18/05 @ 10:10
Comment from: Daniella [Visitor]

The reading of your experimentations are fascinating keep it up, I'm living vicariously through your many urban adventures.
12/18/05 @ 10:58
Comment from: steveg [Member] Email
stevegThanks for the offer, G, but I'll just get used to the voibles of the air popper, besides I like the status of telling people of how I klugge up a roaster from everyday appliances. It's the engineer in me.
12/23/05 @ 08:32