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Literary Cafe Poetry Nite Redux

10/04/07 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: Poetry

With so many excellent poets here in Cleveland, and our reputation spreading throughout the country so's that requests to read by poets far and wide in our not-so-humble venue keep tumbling in, we have not needed to repeat featured readers in our 21 showcases in 22 months but in a single instance (RA Washington). However, this month's extravaganza (Thursday October 11 9:30pm) has not one, but two poets that have been features at the Lit before. Why this exception? Because after 14 months traversing Europe and North Africa like the Allies in WWII, the Irreverent Steven B. Smith of the Church of Not So Much Pain and Suffering, and the Lady Kathy Ireland Smith have come back as NEW and Different people. If you have been following the blog of their adventures on Walking On Thin Ice, you see from their writing that they are NEW poets as well.

If you don't know the original Agent of Chaos, you must have either been living under a rock (tho you might have met him there during his hermit phase) or you are illiterate and couldn't read any of the 21 ArtCrimes magazines in the last twenty years, or any of the other chapbooks, zines, or collaborative pieces from Steven B. Smith. And you may have been blind not to see his unique style of mixed media collage and assemblage art in the many galleries around town over the last few decades. What I mean is that Smith has been here, creating, and expanding for DECADES. So where were you?

Lady Kathy has been publishing The City ezine for quite a while as well. Been writing and poeting and publishing and now artistizing, documentizing, and taking care of the Grendell named Smith through the labyrinth of international travel, language, and coolness. She has been part of the Cleveland cool scene for much longer than I even knew that it existed. She has shed her geekism along with a second parasitic kathy, and though always been and excellent poet, now has blossomed into a major versifying master. She also has a thing for guys named Steven B. and that has to be great all over.

So don't miss this exciting evening of poetry at the Literary Cafe at 9:30 pm Thurs October 11. The Literary Cafe is at 1031 Literary Road in the Tremont neighborhood of Cleveland.


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the traveling smithmanthat foto should definitely help keep folk away.

looking forward to it majorly.
10/05/07 @ 03:19