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Lit Poetry Academy Performance

11/02/06 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: Poetry

If anything fits with the raucousness and wildness of a Lit Cafe Poetry nite, it is performance poetry. That poetry that, not only looks good on paper or sounds good to the ear, but is experienced and felt and seen and is FUN! Plus if we aren't supposed to hear it, if it is somehow subversive, perversive, and down right wrong, it is even MORE FUN. Perfect for the FIRST ANNIVERSARY of our Poesy Free-for-All. Next week, Thursday November 9 at 9:30pm, we have it all covered.

Michael Salinger, Cleveland's Slam master, is a consummate performer-poet. He has been writing and performing poetry and fiction for over 25 years and was five time captain and coach of the Cleveland Slam team that represented the city at the National Poetry Slam competition, he has also served as a consultant and board member to Poetry Slam, Inc., the governing body of Poetry Slams across the country. Mike is the founder and director of the Nova Lizard project, a seminal performance troupe in Cleveland, Ohio and chief facilitator of the teen writing and performance program at Cleveland's Playhouse Square Foundation. His work has appeared in dozens of literary journals published across the US and Canada, including Poetry Magazine, Sapphire Magazine, Taproot the Detroit Metro Times and the Cleveland Free Times.

And my favorite BANNED BOOK POET, Sarah Holbrook is on hand.
Her statement:

"I have written poetry ever since I can remember. I started writing for kids when my two daughters were small, continuing through their middle and teen years. When I began, I would write the poems and my girls, Katie and Kelly, would draw pictures to go along with the poems. The first audience for one of my poetry readings was a slumber party. Since that time, the poems and my audiences have increased. I am now the author of six poetry books for kids and one for adults. I also share my love of poetry with teachers, parents and students at around 100 schools and teacher meetings per year.
"I am a performance poet, I don't think a poem really comes to life until it is read aloud.
"I call my poems Kid Poems for the not-so-bad because I write for kids who are like I am -- maybe a little ornery, but really not-so-bad."

[YAWN] As usual, the Penpad-Padpen Poetry open (explained ad infinitum), where everyone is forced to write during the readings and then put into a hammerlock by Nick until they share with us drunk poetry snobs.

The Literary Cafe is at 1031 Literary Road in Historic Tremont.


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