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Lit Cafe Potry Near Miss

12/12/06 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: Poetry

We had a little scare last week as one of our feature poets, Dan Smith, had a heart attack last weekend. I think that it was the anticipation to read for us this Thursday December 14 at 9:30pm (sharply dull) that kept him from going into the light. A direct quote from Dan's email:

i am still ticking, if not kicking, and definately want to do the reading.it could be exciting!!! betting whether i make it through the evening? a pool on the exact time i will croak?

This is the kind of poet we bring into the Lit!
Dan has been writing poetry for 3 or 4 yrs, inspired by the poetry of Hafiz. He found the deep cleveland poetry hour at borders in strongsville where he met many fine poets who he claims have helped him to grow as a poet & as a person. Dan has a chapbook "Crooked River" published by Deep Cleveland Press in 2005 and had the good fortune to be published in the 2006 Hessler Street Fair anthology, in Smoke, Mist & Mirror in 2003, and last but definetly not least in ArtCrimes 21. Online he has been
on www.deepcleveland.com , www.thepedestalmagazine.com , www.thecitypoetry.com , and www.seinundwerden.com.

Also on the card is the ellusive Ben Gulyas. Ben Gulyas is a poet and sometimes-editor, librarian, bookseller and bartender in Cleveland. His weekly poetry performance `Money for the Band´ adds flair to Friday nights at the Barking Spider Tavern in university Circle. Always experimental and very improvisational, we never really know what Ben is going to do.

"Looking out now, he knows himself to be among those who climb into lost things along with a few far away lights. What is the past, well you eat it. What is the future, well you eat it. What are we doing, well we are eating time, striking teeth and igniting the tongue. In short he is a man who climbs into himself to perch in the chimney. There he cradles fire and smoke, there he feathers bone soot and stork"

So for some poems with humor, holiday, Clevelandish, politish, and even some mysticish (Dan may reveal what is in the great beyond), come on down. As usual, the paper and the pens will be available for our trademark Penpad Padpen Spontaneous Poetry Open and Extravaganza. Be ready to write, read, and riot.
The Literary Cafe is at 1031 Literary Road in hysterical Tremont neighborhood. We may even be smoke free, so bring your own stents.



Comment from: dan smith [Visitor] Email
dan smithsteve

nice write up / advt for our reading.
smoke free bring your own stent very hum
orous as well as me revealing what's in
the great beyond

also really neat art work!!!!

beat regards,
dan smith
12/12/06 @ 16:26
Comment from: What'sInA [Visitor] Email
What'sInAPlease Ben don't eat Dan!
12/12/06 @ 19:16
Comment from: AK [Visitor] Email
AKMore Whiskey! More Toilet Paper! More Donuts!
12/12/06 @ 20:18
Comment from: Kathy Ireland Smith [Visitor] Email
Kathy Ireland SmithWe cannot go into any restaurant or coffeeshop or internet cafe here without being saturated with smoke. Totally different culture in Poland and Croatia.

Still, smoke does provide atmosphere...
12/18/06 @ 06:16