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Lit Cafe Poetry Time is Meaningless

06/08/09 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: Poetry, Literary Cafe

A case study: Establish a unique area surrounded by organically raised art. Keep it isolated from mainstream of traffic, both physical and ideological. Yet cultivate a warm welcoming cozy atmosphere where all are greeted with a smile or a handshake, or sometimes a hug. Use non-MSM means to spread the word about this unusual nexus of circumstance, and then invite poets and poetry-lovers to meet at a time and on a day that ”normal” taxpaying people would avoid. Add a small stage, a lightly amplified microphone, and reasonably priced adult beverages. Observe the chaos and succumb to the overwhelming drive to join in.

Results: The experiment is a long duration study with multiple sites and has the unusual characteristic of having started well before it was planned. It well may have stumbled in a time vortex where start and finish has not meaning. In other words, the experiment may be timeless, but that is speculation and remains to be proved by mathematical eggheads. All we have to go on are the results and the results feed into the establishment of the next round of conditions, forming a kind of feed forward loop which may contribute to the aforementioned time paradigm… but again this is the stuff that makes egg salad out of those eggheads. The two latest results of this phenomenon are Nikki Robinson of Kent, Ohio and Louis Daher of Ann Arbor, Michigan. They will set the stage (if in fact they have not already), fulfilling the next stage, by filling the stage at the three and a half year run of this ongoing experiment called the Literary Café Reading Extravaganza.

Nikki Robinson sprang forth from 10 years of endearing and nurturing experiment located in Kent, Ohio, with sprinklings of North Carolinian Smokey Mountains during various seasons. Originally from Akron, she and her partner Deb are slaves to Bill the Greyhound which is maybe why she drinks Irish whiskey. Nikki has been rewarded the Stan and Tom Wick Poetry Scholarship Prize, has been published in Luna Negra and Akron Life and Leisure Magazine as part of their photo and poetry series. She has written the chapbook “The Slop of Giving In,” and her latest, “The Melt of Letting Go,” has recently been released by P2B Press. Armed with a BA is English from Kent State, she teaches at a high school on the east side of Cleveland when she isn’t kayaking on the Cuyahoga River in Kent or sitting along its banks talking with blue herons.

Louis Daher is one of the special ones. He is the mastermind and one of the originals in the design and implementation of the sociological study that has shatter accepted perception in the theater of time. He has made the annual open mic poetry reading night at Jewel Heart Summer retreats one the highlights for the spiritually motivated. He has sat down on picnic tables to talk poetry with Alan Ginsburg during these retreats and is a direct lineage in my poetic education from the old Greats. His passion is never wavering even as lightning from the heavens strikes trees to fall on his car (and only his car on a crowded parked street). He has traveled from Michigan and back in a single day, just read a couple poems for one of my organized readings. Louis, over the nearly 8 years that I have listened to him, never once failed to extract a tear from my eye. We are honored to have him at the Literary Café

The Time Warp starts, as it always does (or did or will do) at 9:30pm, this Thursday June 11. The Literary Café is located at 1031 Literary Road in the Eternal Tremont Neighborhood of Cleveland.


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