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Lincoln, Contests, & Lit Poetry

02/07/09 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: Poetry, Literary Cafe


Ten score years ago, in a log cabin of Kentucky, on this, the second Thursday of February 12, the same as the Literary Café Poetry series, born was the President that kept our nation together by guile, compassion, and force. I speak of Abraham Lincoln, temporary tyrant of the northern union during the early 1860’s, the Cincinnatus of the New World, arguably the most respected of American presidents.

Come to the Literary Café on February 12 at 9:30 pm for our tribute to Honest Abe Yes, this, the ACTUAL date of his birth, before the government he so defended moved it around “for convenience,” the same cabal that once defined pi as equal to 3, instead of the irrational number that starts as 3.1417. (If the prefix, con, is the opposite of pro; then does that make congress the opposite of progress?).

And, YES, we will have that contest I wrote about 2 months ago, with a fabulous prize of massive poetic value thanks to the Language Foundry. The Lit Café Famous Poet Identification contest is to name the famous poets in the audience in a cartoon from a recent issue of Poetry magazine. Our feature poets, Terre Maher and Jason Venner Robert Frasier, will be there to inspire and maybe give hints .

Robert Fraser is the lead man of the poetry/ecletic band Hobo Monk. HB played at the Zygote in My City Festival where I was feature and they blew my mind with Frasier's verbal frolick. His first Book: Poems for the Short-Term Memory was published in 2007, by Cornerstone Books. It highlights the ridiculousness of modern life in our Monetary society, and the search for something more meaningful and real. Other than writing, Robert claims he works like everyone else and studys the Native American ways of living off the land.

Jason Venner recently graduated from the NEOMFA program based in UAkron, where he is an instructor. At a reading at Visible Voice last spring, he impressed me with maintaining his punkish edge while expressing his verse in sophisticated techniques that a good MFA program can provide. He has been published in The Akros, Luna Negra, The Penguin Review, and The Magazine of Speculative Poetry, and I believe in Barn Yard Review.

I first heard Terre Maher when we shared the venue at Mac’s Backs in February 2007. It was an interesting evening where she had to follow a poet (not me) that had striking hard core imagery and bludgeoning verbal style. She maintained composure as she changed her repertoire on the fly and softened the atmosphere so the audience was warmed and comfortable. This is the professionalism that Terre Maher keeps in both her writing and her art. Terre writes with clarity, insight, and music. She has done the illustrations for Naomi Shihab Nye’s “A Maze Me”, publish by Harper Collins.

So come out of the cold, get a warm dose of poetry with a libation chaser Thursday, February 12 at 9:30 pm at the Literary Café, 1031 Literary Road in the free and united neighborhood of Tremont in Cleveland.



Comment from: Neve Black [Visitor]
Neve BlackI have to admit, I was so excited to see you rise...um...to the top of my blog roll this a.m.

02/08/09 @ 10:20
Comment from: MilesB [Visitor]
MilesBAww, shucks... just 3 more days and you would've made it to the 2-month mark of your dry spell... very sad :(
02/10/09 @ 09:31