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Legitimacy? TWifi?

05/11/06 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: WiFi, Cleveland, Community

Yesterday, I attended the annual meeting for Cleveland Digital Vision for a couple of reasons. First, Twifi thru Tremont West Deve. Corp is a member and members SHOULD attend annual meetings. Second, Angela Stuber, Exec Dir of Ohio Community Computing Network (OCCN), was coming up to speak. I got to know Angela while out to the 2nd National Community Wireless Network Summit.

As it would happen, the annual meeting is also where the board members for the next year are elected. So that's the news. Tremont Wifi Neighborhood is a board member of Cleveland Digital Vision.

The cool thing is that TWifi is very unique from the other board members in that we emphasis building out access to the neighborhood primarily and educate secondarily. They others are educational first, build out second. Both are very important. Do you see the synergies here?

Congrats are also in order to the Spanish American Committee for also being elected. Look to see some joint efforts with them and TWifi.



Comment from: Adam Harvey [Visitor]
Adam HarveyWay to Go!
05/12/06 @ 09:24
Comment from: Lou [Visitor]
LouCleveland Digital Vision is a great organzation and will be served well by having twifi on the board. Congrats.
05/16/06 @ 21:39