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Late-Ass Cold-Ass Literary Cafe Poetry Announcement

02/05/07 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: Poetry, personal, humor, rant

With freezing everything I thot was valuable on my body, I have hunkered down in my bed---the only place warm in my apartment and also the quietest place where I don't have to acknowledge nut-job neighbors. I awaken from multiple hibernative naps, hoping the car is back, I won the lotto, downstairs got some medication, and that I'm really in Hawaii. Needless to say, I have been disappointed. AT the very least, I wanted my scheduled poets to acknowledge their dates and a typical beautiful banner ad from Nick would appear on pixlo. Still disappointed.

Have had to make some last minute Poetry nite changes. So, I invite, yet again, all of you to the Literary Cafe for an evening of words and wackiness. Thursday February 8 at 9:30pm, we shall have the poetry meisters of south NEO come and spark their brilliance in our cold, thief-ridden neighborhood. Yes I speak of the hosts of the Deep Cleveland Poetry Hour, Joshua Gage and Mark Kuhar.

In case you didn't know:
Mark S. Kuhar is a Cleveland, Ohio-based writer, poet, editor, publisher & metaphysical bomb maker. His work has appeared in Whiskey Island, Centerlight, the American Srbobran, Ohio On-line, Big Bridge, Sidereality, the City, Tin Lustre Mobile, American Motor Thought, Litvert, Eratio, Muse Apprentice Guild, Cool Cleveland, Get Underground, Poetic Inhalation, and Northern Ohio Live magazine, as well as in the anthologies “An Eye for an Eye makes the Whole World Blind: Poets on 9/11” (Regent Press) and “The Long March of Cleveland,” “Ornamental Iron” “Mac Turns a New Trick” and “Anthologese the Next” (Green Panda Press). His chapbook, “Acrobats in Catapult Twist”, was published in June 2003 by Seven Beers and a Hedgehog Press of which we will hear again later, and his work was published by 24th St. Irregular Press as part of the Poems-for-All series. He has read on NPR’s local affiliate, and Mark is the proprietor of Deep Cleveland LLC, which includes Deep Cleveland Press, a small-press publishing company, and Deep Cleveland Junkmail Oracle, a literary e-zine dedicated to the spirit of legendary Cleveland outlaw poet, artist and underground publisher D. A. Levy. Mark also the host of the Deep Cleveland Poetry Hour, a live monthly spoken-word event along with---->

Joshua Gage, who can bee seen stomping around Cleveland in his purple bathrobe (for real) seeking out pollution for his liver and an audience for his poems. He is a member of Deep Cleveland, the author of the forty-part poem Deep Cleveland Lenten Blues, published by Deep Cleveland Press. He has his 7-track poetry cd, 'break the slow kill,' done thru his own Seven Beers and a Hedgehog Press (told ya we’d hear about this again). His work has been published internationally in dozens of journals including World Haiku Review, The Heron’s Nest, Abraxas and LYNX. He also taught at the Naropa University Summer Writing program, and is an adjunct English Professor at Cuyahoga Community College. Josh was also the 2005 Hessler street poetry competition Champion.

As usual, the paper and the pens will be available for our trademark Penpad Padpen Spontaneous Poetry Open and Extravaganza. Be ready to write, read, and riot.The Literary Cafe is at 1031 Literary Road in hysterical Tremont neighborhood.



Comment from: nick [Visitor] Email
nicki mailed you the flyer yesterday.

sorry it took so long.
02/07/07 @ 19:12
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08/01/07 @ 19:44