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Kitchen Happenings

01/16/06 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: Cooking

You may be thinking that all I have been doing is thinking poetry, Buddhism, and futzing around with the blog style.(Actually I've updated the version to help eliminate the %$#^%&+% SPAMMERS.) Well, I have certainly been eating and eating my own creations too. I kinda stopped posting about it cuz certain fellow bloggers were teasing me about my hardnosed issue oriented content. Yet I have noticed that The Big G has posted some foodie even with pictures. Then there is Jack and his bouillabaisse.

So let's look at what's been cooking, shall we?

stir fry

I wanted to use my wok that has been gathering dust for about a decade. I used to be pretty good and this chicken and vegetable stirfry came out great. What you don't see is the kitchen fire that ensued while I was munching on the delectables and reading blogs. HINT: Do not read blogs while reseasoning your wok. The flames were spectacular and I hesitated for a moment deciding if I should snap a picture before trying to smother the fire. My landlord was thankful I chose the latter. Note to self: get renter's insurance.

plantain soup

After making the tostones, I was fascinated by plantains. I also was getting stressed out by not having a new coffee sale for a while, a large car repair bill, etc. Needless to say with my new found Tremont eating and drinking habits, I was having some stomach churning. I found this recipe called "bellyache soup" that is made from plantains. Apparently, plantains are a home remedy for stomach ailments in caribbean culture for centuries. It is basically plantain soup and was very warm and comforting during our arctic snap a while back. Stomach was calmer too.

stuffed chickenpecan crusted chicken breast stuffed with plantain and proscuito

I continued with the plantain experiments and made a stuffed chicken breast using fried plantain and proscuitto. Light frying to create a pecan crust and WOW! You can see that even with a breast blowout, they came out beautifully.

tsampa and butter tea

I blogged about the former monk that visited Jewel Heart and that got me to thinking about Tibetan food. We don't have a Tibetan restaurant in Cleveland and it's a shame, cuz their food is amazing. So I thought I'd try my hand on a couple of staples. Po Cha is butter tea. Black tea boiled for a few minutes then strained and churned with butter, whole milk, and salt. It reminds me of a miso soup with it's saltiness and with all that fat, it is a very filling and satisfying drink usually served in bowls.

The other stable is Tsampa, or roasted barley flour. I roasted some barley pearls and ground it into a fine powder.(they make good snacks whole as well). Traditionally, it is mixed with the Po Cha into a doughball, then pieces are pulled off and eaten. There is an art to finding the right ratio of flour to tea, but I think I got close.

This weekend I continued with the Tibetan theme by trying to make momos, stuffed dumplings. I actually have some experience at least in forming the dumplings because we at Jewel Heart LOVE to have momo parties. This time though I actually had to make the filling without the help of Chunden-la or the dough without Pema-la Rimpoche.

stuffing momos

It's a messy deal and I missed the joking, laughing, and comradery from the parties, but it gave me the opportunity to use the double layer steamer Maritza and I got for a wedding present.
tibetan dumplings

These are meat versions, but plan on doing some veggie ones this week to share with my downstairs neighbor Diane. I'm sure my Sangha Siblings reading this are going to expect me to make this the next pot luck. Beware of attachment you guys!



Comment from: milesB [Visitor]
milesBDamn, Feinberg, you're makin' me hungry!
01/17/06 @ 19:37
Comment from: Adam Harvey [Visitor]
Adam HarveyThose momos are delicious, although I think I would like some sort of sauce on them. Thanks for sharing.
01/20/06 @ 11:44