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Just Sip Coffee?

04/17/06 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: Entrepreneurism, Community, Coffee

So why go to a coffeeshop? You can get exactly the kind of coffee you like at home. It is easy to get brewers of the type that you like whether it's Mr. Coffee, an ibrik, french press, or even espresso. So why a coffeeshop?

Former Clevelander and Samian artist architect Niko Angelis posted an interesting aspect found in cafes. In its entirety:

Drawing on 18th-century English coffeehouses and French salons, Miller recognizes, as Craveri, Bilski, and Braun do, that essayist Richard Steele noticed something important in regarding equality as the "life of conversation." Salons and coffeehouses usually broke down royal and other privileges. Meritocratic appreciation of wit and brilliance, wherever it might issue, replaced deference to power. That quality forms the heart of conversation's cultural importance.

To be sure, politeness, as Hume and others noted, fueled equality since it restrained aggression that might build to violence. Yet Miller takes an unfortunate leap when he suggests that "politeness signified a way of thinking as well as acting, a dislike of extremes in thought."

In fact, both coffeehouse and salon conversations, particularly in Enlightenment France, could be rude and shocking. They could certainly spark extreme animus to status quo notions of political, sexual, and religious propriety. As Miller notes, the German Friedrich Grimm observed that "nothing was excluded from the conversation" at a salon such as that of Mademoiselle de Lespinasse."

Yup. I like to hear authentic conversation even if it is about the Cavs or Indians. Even if people are making things up to make the others laugh. And there is the philosophical stuff, even if the speakers don't acknowledge it as such cuz they're just trying to figure out how to make life in their neighborhood meaningful. I even like the stuff that maybe is only found in the french salons.

Of course, there is the discussions of ideas for change and improvement... revolutionary at times, or evolutionary. New business, new product, new method, innovative, entrepreneural, or just plain debate rsulting in attitude shifts. It doesn't matter, I love it all.

Can't get that stuff in my kitchen no matter what coffee I have, so that is why I hang at cafes.



Comment from: Lou [Visitor]
LouI go for the diet pepsi.
04/18/06 @ 05:38
Comment from: AK [Visitor]
AKPlease see the link for a particularly
exquisite example of salon conversation.

P.S. I thought your comment about
capitalization was rather rude. What
if I were e.e. cummings?
04/18/06 @ 14:25